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Wind Turbine manufactures benefit from LMT Tools.
Wind Turbine manufactures benefit from LMT Tools.

Wind Turbine manufactures benefit from LMT Tools.

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 27 August 2014

Manufacturers of wind turbines are continually looking for cutting tool solutions to help them increase their productivity and LMT TOOLS has taken up this challenge with its new product lines.

LMT has developed a line of innovative gear hobbing and involute gear cutters to facilitate the highly productive machining of large slewing rings and transmission systems, whilst its taps and forming taps guarantee the highest quality threads for the industry's specialised applications.

Ensuring it supplies the right tool for every application, LMT has created a line of involute gear cutters for the production of large gear elements. Equipped with indexable carbide inserts with substrates and coatings tailored to the specific requirements of the application, the LMT line delivers low cutting forces to facilitate low-vibration and optimum workpiece surfaces. Furthermore the tools are available with internal coolant supply.

For the production of threads for the wind power sector, LMT has created a line of new High Performance Forming (HPF) taps. To guarantee process reliability, the sensitive blades of the taps can withstand considerable loads, especially during the inverse rotation of the tap without deforming or chipping.

In fact, LMT can now provide this exploding industry sector with solid steel gear hobbing tools, heavy duty roughing hobs for larger modules, carbide indexable insert gear hobs (single and double start) and gear milling cutters for roughing and gear finishing cutters. All of these new ranges are available in a vast array of dimensions and geometries to suit each individual application. Furthermore, the new products are available with coatings such as TiCN, TiAlN and AlCrN in nano-structured layers to facilitate longer operating times and higher cutting speeds and/or feed rates.

The benefit of employing the cutting tool line from LMT is low machining costs, shorter production times, reliable production, low set-up costs, reduced tooling costs, extended tool life and high gear quality. With all this at stake, it looks like LMT has the machining of gears for the wind turbine industry fully covered.

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