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MACH sees evolution from WNT (UK)
MACH sees evolution from WNT (UK)
MACH sees evolution from WNT (UK)

MACH sees evolution from WNT (UK)

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 13 January 2014

WNT (UK) will host the largest stand of any cutting tool manufacturer at the forthcoming MACH show, with visitors to stand 5641 able to look at the latest cutting tool developments across some 300m2 of floorspace. The theme from WNT (UK) for MACH 2014 is one of evolution, with several product ranges being extended and enhanced.

Among these is the range of HCR1135 inserts for steel turning under unstable and difficult machining conditions. These inserts complete WNT’s steel turning range complimenting the existing HCX 1115 and HCX1125 series of inserts. Operating in the ISO P35 range, the HCR1135 inserts are ideal for applications where the component has intermittent or difficult to machine surfaces, such as forgings and cast steel components with hard skins, or where the cut is heavily interrupted. Typical materials that can be cut with HCR1135 are all steel alloys , iron castings and stainless steels.

The advantage of HCR1135 is the extended tool life that is a result of the carbide substrate, WNT’s Dragonskin tool coating and for certain inserts in the range a completely new geometry. In a typical example, machining a turbine component, with interrupted cut, from 1.4351 (X3CrNi13-4) material, tool life was increased by 200 per cent when using identical cutting data to the previous generation inserts.   

A familiar product in the WNT (UK) line-up is the Eco-Cut range of multi-function tools that are capable of combining several cutting operations into a single tool. A major advantage of EcoCut is the fact that it makes the most of limited turret space on smaller CNC lathes, reduces set up times and also reduces cycle times as additional turret indexes are not required.  For MACH 2014 the Eco-Cut range sees several developments that take these advantages further costs including new substrates and coatings across the range, increased process security due to the use of TorxPlus claming screws for insert location and the use of WNT’s unique Highlight coating on the cutter body that greatly extends the life of the body and helps improve swarf removal.

Users now have the choice of three new grades of carbide that cover a wide range of cutting applications and material families. For general steel and cast iron machining there is the Dragonskin HCR1425 grade which features an advanced AL2O3-TiN CVD coating to provide excellent wear resistance at elevated cutting speeds.  For general steel machining the choice is the AL2O3-TiN CVD coated Dragonskin HCR1435 grade, which is also good for very tough materials with interrupted cut or where the machining conditions are not ideal. Finally there is the Dragonskin HCN2430 universal grade for stainless steel, heat resistant materials, steel and cast iron with its TiALN PVD coating.  

'Our customers are demanding greater productivity and performance from their cutting tools,' says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK). 'By evolving existing product ranges and working closely with customers, through our experienced team of Technical Sales Engineers, to develop machining strategies and improve tool life and performance, we are able to deliver improved productivity and cost savings across a wide range of applications. The result has seen WNT generate significant sales growth throughout last year and MACH will provide a fantastic opportunity to spread the WNT message of productivity and cost savings to a wider audience'.


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