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WNT's digital fine boring system makes micron adjustments easy..
WNT's digital fine boring system makes micron adjustments easy..

WNT's digital fine boring system makes micron adjustments easy..

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 18 December 2014

WNT (UK) has added an innovative digital solution to the age old problem of controlling fine adjustments on boring heads to its catalogue. The development of the digital stick display unit removes any ambiguity when adjusting fine boring heads, with a clear indication of the exact adjustment shown on the screen.


The digital stick display, similar in size to a USB stick, connects to the fine boring head via a contact surface, the head is then adjusted in the normal way using an Allen key, but where normally the movement has either to be measured using a dial gauge or reliance on the head’s vernier scale, the exact shift is now shown digitally on the stick. The unit can display in imperial or metric and, as all of the electronics are contained within the stick and are powered by a single AAA battery, any imbalance in the head is removed. What’s more, users only require a single stick to be able to adjust any of the new WNT Fine Boring Heads that they are using, helping to reduce costs. By putting all of the electronics onto the digital stick removing the reliability of the boring head is improved and it also gives the advantage of left or right handed operation, with a simple push of a button.    


This new development gives control of fine boring down to 0.001mm increments on diameter and the fact that the display unit is totally independent from the boring head ensures that making adjustments is efficient, with minimal time spent making corrections to the required bore diameter, says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK). Initially, the system is only available on the new WNT Fine Boring Heads with modular spindle interface, which cover a diameter range between 3.0 to 154.1 mm. 



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