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A celebration of technology at Mazak
A celebration of technology at Mazak
A celebration of technology at Mazak

A celebration of technology at Mazak

Added to MTDCNC by Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd on 21 November 2014

This week Mazak provided a celebration of technology at its much anticipated Open House event in Worcester. The annual showcase for Mazak provided engineers with an opportunity to view no fewer than 20 machine tools and laser processing machines in action.

With 20 machines on show, Mazak loaded the event with applications engineers and technical support staff to ensure that every visitor found the latest innovation and solution suitable for their specific machine shop and application.

At the event MTDCNC spoke with Mazak UK's Sales Manager, Mr Paul Hughes. Mr Hughes was delighted with the remarkably high attendance at the event from high calibre manufacturing companies that were keen to investigate machining solutions for existing and new projects. Among the products that Mr Hughes was keen to highlight, was the new friction stir welding machine on show. The Mazak DeltaN FS is a solid state welding system that has been developed for joining advanced lightweight materials that are increasingly commonplace throughout industry. This impressive system has been created for the robust joining of metals, inter-metallic, thermoplastics and hybrid joints with no filler material or consumables required.

Alongside the friction welding machine was a Mazak STX-3015 laser cutting system that was showcasing  its optimum precision and cutting capabilities with its moving table.  The combination of a laser cutting table and friction welding system demonstrated how Mazak is increasingly capable of creating solutions beyond the remit of the machined part.

However, for those who were keen to investigate the latest machining solutions, the options were almost infinite. Working closely with technology partners, Mazak had tooled its machines with the latest CAM software from OPEN MIND & Delcam, workholding equipment from Hainbuch and cutting tools from a multitude of suppliers.  

This included a Mazak Integrex i600 5-axis machining centre that was equipped with with a MANOK Hainbuch work-holding system and Delcam CAM software. Additionally, a J 200 Integrex machine was machining a Delcam demonstration piece - a pair of salt and pepper pots.

Also on show was UB Racing, the Birmingham University racing team that is sponsored by Mazak. The racing team goes head to head each year in a nationwide competition with all the UK's leading universities. The racing car has its parts manufactured on Mazak machines as well as being sponsored by the Worcester machine tool manufacturer.


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