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Additive Benefits on Mapal Stand at MACH 2016
Additive Benefits on Mapal Stand at MACH 2016
Additive Benefits on Mapal Stand at MACH 2016

Additive Benefits on Mapal Stand at MACH 2016

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 11 February 2016

At the EMO exhibition last autumn, the Mapal stand drew more attention than the fashion shows the city is renowned for.  This is because the market leading innovator in the cutting tool industry enthralled the crowds with a host of 'industry firsts'. These 'industry firsts' can be seen in the UK for the first time at the forthcoming MACH 2016 Show.

On Stand 5328 in Hall 5, Mapal will be introducing a host of groundbreaking technologies from its milling, turning, drilling, toolholding and the tool setting and measuring lines. Added to this, Mapal experts will be on hand to discuss bespoke tooling solutions that are the benchmark in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

With regard to the products receiving their MACH debut, a key emphasis for Mapal will be its new drilling lines, and in particular it's solid carbide Tritan-Drill. Making its MACH debut, the three-fluted Tritan-Drill provides extended tool life, higher feed rates, improved cutting performance and reduced tooling costs when compared to two-fluted alternatives.  In addition, the three-fluted design significantly improves hole concentricity, as the drill is self-centring. This universal drill is ideal for a wide range of material types and with its innovative geometry design; it optimises swarf removal and reduces cutting forces. The test conditions of this drill have returned tool life improvements of 45% and cycle time reductions of 30%; these conditions have been exceeded in the marketplace since the world premiere at EMO.

The Tritan-Drill will be shown alongside the exciting new QTD indexable insert drill. Ingenious and patented, this remarkable new drill is produced by a laser sintering additive manufacturing process. The reason is two-fold. The Mapal engineers identified that central coolant supply in drills tends to weaken the core of the drill and makes them unstable. To alleviate this issue, especially in smaller diameter drills where the size of the coolant holes and subsequent flow rates are reduced, Mapal has developed trainable coolant holes for significantly increased flow rates. The triangular coolant holes increase coolant flow by 100% and this improves chip removal, tool life and cutting performance. Available with tool bodies from 1.5XD to 12XD and insert grades for drilling steel, stainless, cast iron and aluminium, the QTD must be seen at MACH.

Fully embracing the benefits of additive manufacturing, Mapal has also developed a series of narrow contour hydraulic chucks that will be seen for the first time in the UK at MACH. Once again taking innovation to another level, the additive machining process has enabled Mapal to offer its High Torque Chuck (HTC) range without the need for an internal membrane sleeve. The new HTC sleeveless chucks permit the clamping of tool shanks as small as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9mm diameter. The customer benefits from the elimination of sleeves and consequent set-ups, but more importantly the HTC line has an extremely narrow contour. This enables the end user to confidently clamp small tool shanks with the ability to extend tool reach for intricate parts or cavity machining.

Combining the benefits of hydraulic clamping technology with a taper of just three degrees, the clamping area can be positioned very closely to the front of the chucks, which would have been impossible with conventional production methods. This ensures an optimum concentricity of <3μm at the locating bore and <5μm at 2.5XD.  With a high degree of dimensional accuracy, exceptional vibration dampening and tool reach potential far beyond anything else on the market, this system is ideal for manufacturers in the mould & die, aerospace and automotive sectors. These groundbreaking new innovations are just a flavour of what Mapal will have on show at MACH 2016. For further details on our other groundbreaking technology, come and visit the Mapal Stand 5328 at MACH 2016.

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