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Ajax draw the crowds with new 5 axis and turning technology
Ajax draw the crowds with new 5 axis and turning technology
Ajax draw the crowds with new 5 axis and turning technology
Ajax draw the crowds with new 5 axis and turning technology

Ajax draw the crowds with new 5 axis and turning technology

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 24 October 2013

If 5 axis CNC machining is a service you've wanted to deliver but always wrestled with the simple business equation 'Will I get a return on my investment?' then Ajax machine tools just maybe able to help.

MTDCNC took time out on October 15th to visit the Ajax Machine Tools Open House. Nestled in the heart of the New Forest, the MTDCNC team were amazed not only to find this 'CNC rich' machine tool supplier but also one of the countries leading CNC machining businesses located in this rural splendor.

This was MTDCNC's first visit to Ajax and in all honesty it's probably come a few years later than it should have done.

Exploring their tidy showroom, MTD were amazed at the range of machinery now available from this dynamic and enthusiatic supplier.

Starting on the turning centres; We were introduced to the Evolution AJEV 200 machine, a compact flat bed lathe with a sophisticated touch screen FANUC CNC control, an indexable turret and an 8 inch chuck capacity all for less than 22K.

This was just the start, we then moved on to their new flagship product, the Ajax 5 axis machining centre. Offered with the latest Heidenhain control technology, this machine has a specification capable of delivering full 5 axis machining and a price tag that is mouth watering. Commenting on the introduction of this machine to Ajax's offerings, William Savin, Ajax's Managing Director told MTD;

'This new addition to our product port-folio is very exciting for us. Our technical expertise on site here at Ajax will make this machine a real attraction for engineers and manufacturers. Buying equipment from Ajax is different to that of buying from most machine tool suppliers. Our facilities, our knowledge and the infrastructure we have in place, ensures all our machine tools are achieving better than expected repeatabilities and accuracies when installed on customer's sites.'

'Some machine tool suppliers ship in machine tools from the continent and then ship them straight to the customer, not here at Ajax. We run a series of pre-installation procedures that make sure all our customers are delivered machine tools conforming to the highest standards.'

In addition to their new 5 axis machine and the range of Evolution turning centres, Ajax continue to service their regular client base supplying turret mills, pillar drills and general engineering machinery.

'Ajax will continue to supply core equipment from our popular range. The addition of these new machines will be simply that, an addition to our offerings. We've also recently employed more Sales Engineers, helping us handle demand for our new products and the businesses growth in general. 2014 looks like it will be a very exciting year.' Concluded William.

Judging by the footfall at the Open House and the impressive new machinery drawing the crowds, additional Sales Engineers was a good call.

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