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Blum Measures MACH As a Complete Success
Blum Measures MACH As a Complete Success
Blum Measures MACH As a Complete Success

Blum Measures MACH As a Complete Success

Added to MTDCNC by Blum-Novotest on 03 May 2016

If anybody could give an accurate measurement of the success of MACH 2016, its metrology experts Blum; and its evaluation is that MACH 2016 was a complete success.

As you would expect from a German metrology specialist, Blum had an 'exhibition measurement manual' to gauge the success of the event. Unlike most exhibitors that are likely to measure 2016 MACH leads against previous shows, Blum labeled its enquiries in priority 1, 2 and 3 categories. The 'priority 1' contacts that are looking for an immediate probing or laser measuring solution to be retrofitted to existing equipment was up by almost 15% on MACH 2014. Coincidentally, the 'priority 2' enquiries were also up on 2014, by some 20%.

Commenting upon the measured success of MACH 2016, Blum UK's Managing Director, Mr. David Mold says: "The show was extremely positive for us. Our lead generation was considerably up on previous shows whilst the amount of companies requesting more information for future reference was also a huge increase on 2014.  In addition, we had a lot of our equipment on the stands of machine tool builders such as DMG, ETG, YMT, Exeron (CNC International), Heller and also the Roders machine on the Hurco stand. For us to have our equipment on these high-end machines is a huge coup for Blum and a testimony to the quality of our metrology systems."

"With many European and Japanese machine tool builders installing our equipment as standard, MACH gave us an opportunity to network and build relationships with the UK suppliers and subsidiaries of the thousands of UK machine tools with Blum systems fitted. Overall MACH 2016 was an extremely positive event and we are relishing the opportunity follow up our leads in coming weeks."

Some of the leads received by Blum at MACH were for its exciting new line of surface roughness gauges. Launched at EMO last autumn, the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG DIGILOG surface finish gauges were a major attraction on the Blum Novotest stand.

Appearing alongside the company's renowned range of component measuring and testing technology, the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG DIGILOG surface roughness gauges marked a quantum leap in regard to roughness measurement for machine integrated quality control methods. In essence, the new TC63-RG and TC64-RG gauges can evaluate the surface roughness of the part whilst it remains clamped in the machine tool. This enables early detection of poor surface quality. If you didn't get a chance to see this system or the renowned TC-DIGILOG probing systems at MACH, please contact the Blum office on Tel: 01283 569691 for more details.


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