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CMZ to Introduce New Turning Technology at MACH 2016
CMZ to Introduce New Turning Technology at MACH 2016
CMZ to Introduce New Turning Technology at MACH 2016

CMZ to Introduce New Turning Technology at MACH 2016

Added to MTDCNC by CMZ UK Ltd on 09 February 2016

At MACH 2016, CMZ UK Ltd will be occupying a 220sq/m stand with some of the most productive and technologically advanced machine tools at this year's event. On stand 5230 in Hall 5, CMZ will be keen to emphasise the build quality, power and rigidity levels its range can provide at cost effective prices.

With no fewer than six machines on its stand, CMZ will be promoting the exemplary productivity and automation levels that can be achieved from its turning centres. The machines at MACH will encompass the renowned TA, TC and TX lines that have proven extremely attractive to the UK marketplace.

From the TA stable, CMZ will be showing its TA 20 YS-640, TA 30 Y-1100 and the TA 25 YS-640 + GL20 II. The smaller TA 20 YS-640 is an extremely flexible and productive machine with a 65mm diameter bar capacity, driven tools, a Y-axis and sub spindle for back-working operations. Highlighting the automation potential of the TA Series, CMZ will have the TA 25 YS-640 + GL20 II alongside the TA20. The TA25 turning centre at MACH will demonstrate how a turning centre with driven tools, Y-axis and sub-spindle can work autonomously with CMZ's own gantry loading system.  The versatile, fast and reliable loading system is powered by Fanuc servo motors on all axes to deliver astounding precision, repeatability and productivity.

The final machine from the TA line to be shown at MACH 2016 is the TA 30 Y-1100. This turning centre is the long-bed derivative of the TA range for processing parts up to and beyond 1m in length. With driven tooling capability, a Y-axis and an impressive 77mm spindle bore, the TA 30 is ideal for producing relatively large and complex parts in one-hit that may be beyond the capacity ranges of alternate machines. Furthermore, the driven tools on the TA Series are very powerful and fast. This is highlighted by the 12kW spindle motor that generates 75Nm of torque with speeds up to 12,000rpm for exceptional metal removal rates.

From the TC stable, CMZ will be introducing the TC 35 Y-1350 and the TC 30 Y-800. The TC 35 Y-1350 CNC turning centre is a workhorse of a machine with driven tools and Y-axis capability as well as a self-centring steady mounted on a servo slide. The servo steady allows the production of long thin parts with ease. At MACH, this will appear alongside the TC 30 Y-800. This Y-axis machine is fitted with a very powerful and fast driven tool system that has a 12kW motor that runs at 12,000 RPM with a mouth watering 105Nm of torque. This combination has been developed for material removal rates that are the envy of the industry and something that offer productivity levels beyond alternate machine tools. Available in bed lengths of 800mm and 1350mm, this range has 12 or 16 tool station turrets with the opportunity for all tool stations to be driven.

From the renowned TX range of multi-turret, multi-spindle CNC turning centres, CMZ will introduce the TX 66 Y2 Quattro, a two-turret, twin spindle CNC turning centre for one-hit machining of anything from simple to complex components. The TX Series is available with 2 or 3 turrets that all have Y-axes and driven tools. Capable of accommodating bar diameters of 52mm or 66mm, the TX Series also permits the integration of robot loading.

The CMZ Series of machines are ideal for machining bar sizes from 52mm to 77mm, and with bed lengths of 400mm, 640mm and 1100mm the length of parts that can be produced is also generous. With automation being the current buzz-word of the industry, CMZ can supply its machines with automation solutions that range from a barfeeder through to a robot-arm and even a robotic gantry loading facility - or even all three. For further details, please come and visit our stand at MACH.


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