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Develop 3D Live
Develop 3D Live

Develop 3D Live

Added to MTDCNC by TEBIS UK on 01 March 2016

Tebis UK shall be exhibiting their all-new Version 4.0 software solutions at Develop 3D Live at Warwick Art Centre, Warwick University on Thursday 31st March. The exhibition is organised by Develop 3D magazine is described as the UK’s leading conference and exhibition celebrating design, engineering and manufacturing technology and how it brings world-leading products to market faster.

Our CAD/CAM offers practical solutions for reverse-engineering processes in various sectors. Designers can generate consistent parts with perfect transitions and high surface quality. Despite multiple changes, model builders can quickly develop a finished prototype and save time reverse engineering.

Benefits include:

  • The fastest route from the first prototype to precise CAD surfaces.
  • Match surface models with digitised data.
  • Derive meshes directly with no intersection curves.
  • Quickly detect and automatically repair problem areas with extensive check templates.
  • Integrate digitised data in the CAD design process.
  • Quickly and intuitively reverse engineer surfaces at design quality.
  • Conveniently update reverse-engineered surfaces after modification.
  • Targeted adjustment of transitions and convenient optimisation of surface quality.

Using Tebis, our automotive OEMs were able to transfer the complete scan of a vehicle in 1:1 scale with pre-class-A surfaces in only 50 hours and in a design-quality surface model in only 25 hours, then therefore smoothly integrating their clay models in the design process much faster using our software.

Whilst attending Develop 3D live you will be able to see over 30 exciting, relevant and fresh speakers for free while getting hands on with the latest technology to advance your workflow. The event enables you to network with industry professionals, clients and suppliers from around the world and see the future in action by taking a free tour of Warwick Advanced Manufacturing Group. There are also chances to win prizes from exhibitors and sponsors.

For more information please visit http://develop3dlive.com/ and you can register at http://develop3dlive.com/register-now/

For more information about Tebis please visit http://www.tebis.com/en/sectors/industrial-design/

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