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Dugard event proves a stonking success
Dugard event proves a stonking success

Dugard event proves a stonking success

Added to MTDCNC by Dugard on 15 November 2015

The recent Dugard Open House event proved a resounding success, as the South Coast machine tool company rounded off the first day with 5 machine sales. If that wasn't enough, the Hove based business also had a delicious Pie & Mash night with an actual Pie & Mash truck in the loading bay! Now you know that, you won't want to miss the next event...

Getting down to machine sales at the event, some of the first day sales included a Dugard Lunan 500A VMC, Dugard Lunan 19-55 multi-function lathe and a Dugard 850 vertical machining centre.  The open house was also a great platform for Dugard to highlight it's new online shop.  

Envisioned as an alternative to internet auctions, the system is available on machines listed under the ‘used equipment’ tab at http://shop.dugard.com. This link displays the current highest offer and a colour-coded thermometer that indicates how close the bid is.  Reasonable offers are automatically routed to an e-commerce page where a 10% deposit is charged, the remaining amount is paid, as per normal transactions. 

Looking at the machines on show, as usual Dugard had a lot to offer and this included the cost effective range of Dugard Lunan VMCs and lathes that have been so popular since they first launched in 2014.  These appeared alongside the Dugard SS1263L VMC. This very high speed VMC has a 12,000rpm BT40 direct drive spindle, roller linear ways, refrigerated ballscrews, 30 ATC, 1200mm X travel and 630mm in the Y-axis.  Additional machines that proved popular at the event were the Dugard HD1886B with the reverse axis table design that reduces the footprint by up to 40%. MTDCNC interviewed Eric Dugard and discussed the features and benefits of this machine and the new 2000XP that was also new at the event.

Of course, no Dugard event would have been complete without the Samsung range and at the recent open house, a range of stock models such as the compact PL1600LM, CNC turning centre was on being put through its paces. This was well received along with the impressive 1000mm bed  PL25LM, the PL35LM with 1500mm bed, the heavy duty PL60LM with 3200mm bed and the brand new PL45LY.

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