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New machines and a new look from Feeler at MACH

New machines and a new look from Feeler at MACH

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 05 March 2014

The Engineering Technology Group will be showing four Feeler machining centres at MACH 2014, including a new low-cost, full five-axis vertical machining centre and a high-specification, value-for-money drill/tap centre.

Visitors will also have their first chance to see the new look for Feeler machines before it is rolled out across the range.

On show for the first time in the UK on the main Engineering Technology Group stand (5310) is the Feeler U600-5AX five-axis machining centre.

The U600-5AX is a travelling-column, trunnion-style, true five-axis vertical machining centre. Its performance is benchmarked against leading Japanese and German machines, yet it costs around £40,000 less than comparable entry-level machines. The machine also includes a number of innovative design features for enhanced stability and ease of operation.

Aimed at the general machining, mould & die and low-volume manufacturing sectors, the U600-5AX has a trunnion-type design with X, Y and Z axes mounted on a rigid column combined with A and C rotary axes on the trunnion.

Compared to machines with a B and C rotary axis configuration, this gives better visibility for the operator, easier access for loading and unloading and a larger safe zone for tool-changing.
Twin sliding guards give uninterrupted access to the working area from both the front and the side of the machine.

The U600-5AX has a 460mm (X) by 520mm (Y) by 400mm (Z) working envelope and a 15,000 rpm BT-40 Big Plus spindle – 10,000, 12,000 and 20,000 rpm spindles are available as options. Axis travel speed is 30m/min in X, Y and Z. A 30-tool magazine is fitted as standard with a 40-tool option available.

Stand 5310 will also see the unveiling of Feeler’s VMP45 vertical machining centre. This fast workhorse machine with 36m/min axis speeds will be Feeler’s standard 3-axis 1100 X-axis vertical machining centre. The new ergonomic styling and branding bring a more European look and feel to a Taiwanese machine, with subtle touches such as an LED runtime clock and large clear windows. The plan is that this new styling will be rolled out across the Feeler range.

The stand will also feature Feeler’s VMP580 vertical machining centre with automatic pallet changer.

Away from the Engineering Technology Group stand, visitors will also be able to see Feeler’s advanced new TC 20 alpha drilling and tapping centre on the stand of Micron Workholding (4109).
The machine is benchmarked to compete head-to-head on performance with the market-leading brands, but at around half the price.

The TC 20 alpha has a 20,000 rpm direct-drive spindle, 1.2g axis accelerations, a 21-tool magazine and a capacity of up to 510mm in X. The machine is ideal for fast, light machining of aluminium and steel castings and diecastings.

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