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Guhring Dives Into MACH With New Product Lines
Guhring Dives Into MACH With New Product Lines
Guhring Dives Into MACH With New Product Lines

Guhring Dives Into MACH With New Product Lines

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 29 February 2016

At MACH 2016 Guhring will be introducing a multitude of new cutting tool innovations to the UK marketplace. On Stand 5038, the new products launched at the recent EMO Show will make their UK exhibition debut at MACH.

Taking centre stage will be the new Guhring Tool Management Software (GTMS). Incorporated into Guhring tool vending systems, this user-friendly tool dispensing software is unlike alternate systems, as it documents all relevant movement data of stock levels, triggers order requirements and enables evaluations to various criteria. The comprehensive and detailed reporting is built on a modular design to provide users with the maximum possible transparency regarding tool stock levels, consumption and cost allocation. With an interface that links to various goods management systems and online connection to suppliers via automated ordering procedures, the GTMS is the most comprehensive analysis tool available.

The analysis of the tool stock level is the perfect basis to optimise production. The modular GTMS can be individually adapted to customer requirements to make production and tool relevant processes transparent. The result is instantly quantifiable improvements to production as well as tool inventory savings. At the core of the GTMS is a product database whereby the user can register by user identification, barcode or RFID chip. The data collected can locate weak spots in the manufacturing process such as a sudden increase in tool wear, incorrect tool withdrawals, machine stoppages and much more.

Whilst Guhring will be covering the overall management of tooling consumption at MACH with the GTMS, the German cutting tool company has a plethora of new innovations at the show that can slot straight into your machine shop to cut production costs and cycle times on the machine tool. One of the new product lines making its debut at MACH will be the new HT 800 interchangeable insert drilling system for the economical and precise drilling of diameters up to 40mm. Ideal for machining steel, stainless, cast iron and aluminium, the new HT 800 is available with a range of different geometries and coatings that are always perfectly adapted to the respective field of application.

With an optimised flute geometry and through coolant, the HT 800 has an open flute design for optimal chip evacuation. This combination makes the new HT 800 the drill of choice for deeper holes up to 10XD. The HT 800 delivers enormous machining flexibility thanks to the problem-free exchange of the different inserts according to the material machined.  Complementing the HT 800 at MACH will be a comprehensive line of additional holemaking products from Guhring as well as its new PowerTap line of taps for threading  steel, aluminium, stainless and high-tensile steel and also cast iron.

From the milling stable, Guhring will be giving a MACH debut to the extended line of RF100 Diver end mills. For manufacturers demanding the utmost in machining flexibility, the RF100 Diver is an end mill that covers five operations with one tool. Suitable for drilling, ramping, slotting, roughing and finishing operations, the RF 100 Diver is capable of plunging and ramping at an angle of 45°. With an unequal helix angle and a 45° plunge angle, the RF100 Diver delivers a seamless transition from slotting to drilling with most materials. This steep plunging angle makes enormous material removal possible and with an optimised cutting edge geometry, swarf is seemlessly evacuated from the machining envelope. 

The Diver will be complemented by another MACH debutant, the RF100 Speed. Developed for high metal removal rates when machining steel, the new RF100 Speed differentiates from the 'all-rounder' RF100 Diver with its unparallelled roughing performance. This is credit to a deep flute design for improved swarf removal and a geometry that has chamfer and face correction for a consistently stable performance level. Furthermore, the RF100 Speed has impressive chip breaking characteristics with its innovative face geometry, large chip gullets and enhanced web thinning.

For further details on any of the new product developments that are now available from Guhring, please contact your nearest representative or alternately come and see what is on offer at MACH 2016 on stand 5038.

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