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HK3D enquiries pour in after exceptional MACH 2016
HK3D enquiries pour in after exceptional MACH 2016
HK3D enquiries pour in after exceptional MACH 2016

HK3D enquiries pour in after exceptional MACH 2016

Added to MTDCNC by HK 3D Solutions Ltd on 28 April 2016

At MACH 2016, HK3D made its debut appearance in Hall 4 with the very latest 3D Printing technology from 3D Systems. In fact, the new ProJet MJP2500 that received its UK exhibition debut at MACH, was only launched globally towards the end of March. Engineers soon found and revelled in the very latest technology behind the new ProJet MJP2500. HK3D were also displaying some amazing metal metals parts printed on the very latest ProX320 metal production system.

As part of the HK Holdings Group, Rugby based HK3D were delighted with the response from MACH visitors when discussing the new ProJet MJP2500. Alluding to the reception the new MJP2500 received at MACH, HK3D Managing Director, Mr Steven Wilcox said: "For HK3D Solutions, the 3D print market is about reaching designers and engineers from all industry sectors and MACH is a key show for this. We found that engineers at MACH were very keen to explore the potential for applying 3D print technology to every-day situations in the production environment of machine shops and metal processing facilities. The engineers enquiring about 3D printing at MACH were very well read on the technology. For them, seeing the ProJet MJP2500 in action was all about visualising the potential for the technology in their everyday jobs - and this is what truly captured the imagination."

The enquiries for the ProJet MJP2500 were extremely high and HK3D is expecting to win a number of orders from the UK's marquee manufacturing event. Commenting upon the new ProJet MJP2500, Mr Wilcox continues: "This new machine and new post processing is quite incredible. It has a new EasyClean cleaning system that automatically removes supports from MJP (Multi Jet Print) parts. This eliminates hand finishing, labour and also the risk of damaging parts. The MJP2500 is capable of producing parts 50% faster with 30% less waste material than the competition. This machine has an innovative new print head design. It intuitively recognises the age and usage of components and adapts the jetting nozzles automatically to maintain part quality, consistency and quality. This is also backed up by a 5 year warranty.  The machine is a complete game-changer and it's also available at a price point in the region of £25,000, which makes it an extremely attractive proposition."

As a premium reseller of 3D printers and additive manufacturing products from 3D Systems, HK3D offers the full line of 3D printers, materials, perceptual devices and design tools as part of its integrated 3D print offering. If you missed MACH and would like to arrange a demonstration or benchmark from the new ProJet MJP2500 from HK3D, please visit www.hkh3d.com for more details.

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