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Hone-All Fuels Growth from SPE Offshore 2015

Hone-All Fuels Growth from SPE Offshore 2015

Added to MTDCNC by Hone-All Precision Limited on 09 October 2015

At the recent SPE Offshore Europe Exhibition, Hone-All Precision Ltd showcased why it is the premiere subcontract manufacturer for the Oil & Gas industry. With global oil prices putting the industry in a somewhat sombre mood, this certainly wasn't the case for Hone-All. 

At the Aberdeen event that took place in early September, Hone-All was undoubteldy a company leaving the exhibition with a spring in its step. As Hone-All Precision Director, Andrea Rodney comments: "The footfall was somewhat down on previous events and this was to be expected with the uncertainty around the oil & gas sectors. However, we were a success story from the show as we received over 100 enquiries for our services. Furthermore, of the enquiries have been followed up, more than 50% have been very receptive to our services."

The positivity towards Hone-All is credit to its reputation within in the oil & gas industry for delivering uncompromising levels of quality and service. To back this up, the Leighton Buzzard company devised a strategy to promote two aspects of its business. Firstly, the aim was to promote its  specialist production facility and the company's prestigious track record in manufacturing flo-tubes, pistons, housings, well commander bodies, cylinders and a variety of other oil & gas specific components and assemblies.

The second goal for Hone-All was to emphasise its investment in increased capacity, with the company recently spending £650,000 on two new deep hole boring machines that were purchased specifically to service the offshore industry. The two TIBO Tiefbohrtechnik machines have increased capacity and extended Hone-All's maximum boring capacity to 250mm with a length of 3.1m. The addition of two new deep hole boring machines is the perfect complement to the company's 4m turning capacity. Furthermore, the addition of the precision roller manufacturing cell has added Dynamic Balancing and Straightening to Hone-All’s offering and this also received a lot of interest at the show due to the requirement for perfectly balanced tubing within the industry. 

Eluding to the response at the show to this investment, Andrea says: "Our commitment to servicing the diverse demands of the Oil & Gas industry with the new machines proved very popular among visitors to the show. We invested heavily in the new technology during this industry slumber to reduce disruption for customers and in preparation for when the oil price fluctuation recovers and the marketplace becomes more buoyant. This foresight was certainly recognised at the SPE Show in Aberdeen and clearly contrinuted to our remarkable enquiry levels."


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