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Dugard at MACH 2014
Dugard at MACH 2014
Dugard at MACH 2014

Dugard at MACH 2014

Added to MTDCNC by Dugard on 29 January 2014

This year Dugard have a really interesting ion of machines – lots of new models that haven’t seen at MACH before but are already gaining popularity from their introduction at EMO and the Dugard open house last year.

Dugard 1000E – A new line of cost effective VMCs that takes over where the old Dugard ECO range left off and the Dugard 1000E will be at MACH 2014 for closer inspection.  These VMCs are incredible value for money with an unbelievable build quality; they’re available in an extensive choice of bed sizes from 760mm right up to 2000mm.  The 1000E comes equipped with hydraulic counter balanced head, swarf auger and spindle refrigeration as well as 10,000rpm, 24 tool twin arm ATC and 36m/min rapids.  Described as “neat, tidy, sturdy and quick” the 1000E has been selling fast since it was introduced at the open house in October.

Dugard X5 – Another model introduced at the Dugard open house in October, the X5 is a high speed 5 axis vertical machining centre with 5 axis or 5 face milling capacity.  What really sets the X5 apart from other 5 axis VMCs on the market is the 5AX-350-ZA rotary tilt Nikken table which has been built to provide high accuracy, increased production and exceptional wear resistance.  The X5 has a compact design and optimises capacity with 1020/610/810mm X/Y/Z axis traverse.  With linear roller guideways for rigidity and accuracy, 12,000rpm direct drive spindle for precision and control and rapids in X/Y/Z at 24/24/20 m/min for speed the Dugard X5 is versatile, compact and fast, able to meet all the demands of any machine shop.

Dugard 65TTSY – First seen at EMO last year, the Dugard 65TTSY adds capacity to the bestselling ion of Dugard production CNC lathes.  Production lathes are an increasingly important market for Dugard – the baby of the bunch, the 32 Sub-Spindle, is the bestselling Dugard machine worldwide – so the obvious next step was to develop a 65mm version.  It’s a twin turret, twin spindle CNC lathe with Mitsubishi multi-axis control system, 8” and 10” chuck options and shareable Y axis delivering amazing performance for complex parts machining.  It was tremendously popular in Germany, then at the Dugard open house in October both stock machines were quickly snapped up.

Dugard HD1886B – These heavy duty boxway VMCs were first shown at MACH in 2012, but this time there’s a bigger model on the stand, the HD1886B.  The HD range are really interesting machines, their tables have a reverse axis design reducing the footprint of each machine by 30% compared to other VMCs.  This unique configuration means the table is fully supported across the full X axis movement resulting in no overhang and no X axis distortion.  This space saving configuration is also available in a roller linear guide-way, a high speed spindle version ideal for mould and die machining.  With BT50 spindle and 24, 32 and 40 station bi-directional twin arm ATC options on each model the HD machines are built both to perform and last.
Dugard 42iT ROBO – The 42 range was introduced at MACH 2012, but this time Dugard are showing the 42iT ROBOT – it’s a 4 axis gang tooling lathe with a fully integrated high speed, high precision 6 axis intelligent robot.  The robot can store a total of 88 programmes; it can handle work pieces of up to 6kg and can easily manoeuvre around tooling and other obstacles in the work area.  It’s the first time Dugard have added a robot machine to the range and this one will be a big surprise to the competition.  

Samsung PL25MC – As are only taking one of their agency machines to MACH this year the PL25MC was the perfect choice – an extremely useful machine with a wide array of features, and it’s compact design fits in nicely on the stand.   The Samsung range offers turning centres with 6 ~ 24” chucks, up to 3.2m between centres and mill/drill capacity as well as C & Y axes options.  More specifically the PL25MC with its driven tool function can reduce manufacturing and component delivery times and aids single process manufacturing; it’s also available in 1m bed length, ideal to produce larger parts.  The Samsung PL25MC always lives up to customer expectations on cost, quality and delivery.

The Dugard stand for 2014 has a laid back sophisticated feel about it – with a cocktail bar and lots of seating for visiting customers as well as two private meeting rooms and a “snug” area at the back of the stand for a bit of extra comfort and quiet.  The cocktail bar isn’t just there to look pretty, it’ll take centre stage on Wednesday 9th April when Dugard will be hosting a gathering for customers – it’s planned to start at 4:00 but since it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere there’s no need to feel guilty about a martini or two!

At MACH Dugard are on stand 5630, for more details on any of the machines showing at MACH 2014 email sales@dugard.com or call 01273 732286.

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