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16 machine tools on show at Mach 2014 from XYZ
16 machine tools on show at Mach 2014 from XYZ
16 machine tools on show at Mach 2014 from XYZ
16 machine tools on show at Mach 2014 from XYZ

16 machine tools on show at Mach 2014 from XYZ

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 13 January 2014

XYZ Machine Tools will be filling its 250m2 stand, the biggest in the company’s history of exhibiting at MACH, with 16 machine tools. These include a ion of tried and tested favourites, such as the ProtoTRAK controlled SMX range of turret and bed mills and SLX ProTURN lathes. In addition will be a number of Siemens controlled CNC machining and turning centres. The Burlescombe, Devon-based company will also be unveiling new innovations, among which are the XL780 lathe and the totally new concept in machining the 2op.  

XYZ Machine Tools is constantly looking to develop the range of machines that it offers to customers and MACH will see the first of what promises to be several new machine introductions throughout 2014. The new XL 780 lathe is an extension to its already comprehensive range of medium sized lathes, This development extends the range to 780 mm swing and 3000 mm bed length.  The XL 780 will be controlled by a Siemens 828D control with Shopturn conversational programming software and bridges the gap between the SLX range of lathes and the larger XYZ XL and oil country lathes. Like other machines in the XYZ large lathe range the XL 780 will feature a substantial single piece bed to provide the rigidity required for heavy-duty turning operations.

Rather enticingly, XYZ Machine Tools will also be unveiling the TRAK 2op concept machine that is set to revolutionise first and second operation work when it is released for sale later in 2014. The full details of this new machine will be unveiled at the exhibition, so visitors are encouraged to visit stand 5650 to see first-hand how this three axis CNC machine, with a footprint of just 762 mm by 1220 mm, will significantly improve their workflow and productivity.

Customers already familiar with XYZ’s ProtoTRAK control system are well aware of its simplicity and ease of use, but there are still many who are yet to benefit. To demonstrate the capability of machines equipped with ProtoTRAK, XYZ Machine Tools will demonstrate it across a number of SMX bed and turret mills. The machines on show range in sizes from the SMX 2000 turret mill with axis travels of 750 mm by 380 m by 400 mm (XYZ), through the SMX 2500 bed mill with axis travels of 780 mm by 390 mm by 560 mm (XYZ) to the largest machine in the range, the SMX 5000 bed mill with axis travels of 1524 mm by 596 mm by 540 mm. The ProtoTRAK three-axis control system supplied with these machines is ideal for one-off and small batch quantities, while the robust construction, including the solid Meehanite cast iron construction and Turcite-B coated bedways provide a rigid and accurate machining platform.

Similarly the ProTURN SLX range of lathes make full use of the ProtoTRAK control to provide both manual and CNC capability across a wide range of machine specifications. On show at MACH 2014 will be a cross section of the SLX range, starting from the smallest SLX1630 featuring a 400 mm swing over the bed and a between centre distance of 760 mm; through to the largest machine in the range the SLX 555 with 560 mm swing over the bed and options on the between centre distance of 1000, 1750 and 3000 mm. The SLX range differs from many lathes on the market, with the exception of the smaller SLX 1630, by having a one piece, solid ribbed, cast base, the design and weight of which adds significantly to the machines’ rigidity and precision.  Again, XYZ will be demonstrating the simplicity of the ProtoTRAK control system, whose ease of use is such that even operators without any knowledge of CNC will be operating and producing parts within a day.

Completing the line-up of ProtoTRAK controlled machines is the XYZ LPM or Lean Production Machine. The XYZ LPM is the first ProtoTRAK controlled machine to be fitted with an automatic tool changer, helping to reduce production costs. Other time saving features of the machine include simplified workpiece setting thanks to the machine table having locating bushes at precise locations, with the Jergens ball locking system ensuring accurate and secure clamping of fixtures. The LPM system also comes with a tool pre-setting facility, that helps to reduce set up time, while the ProtoTRAK control has the facility for background editing of programs while another component is being machined.  

Complementing the range of ProtoTRAK machines, XYZ’s range of CNC controlled machining and turning centres will also feature at MACH 2014. The machining centres on show are the XYZ 710 VMC, XYZ 1020 VMC and the high speed XYZ 1060 VMC. Across the XYZ VMC range there is a common feature of high quality manufacture with features such as solid Meehanite castings and extra wide induction hardened box slideways with Turcite-B coatings adding to rigidity and performance. Standard specification of the VMC range includes an 8000 revs/min 20 hp spindle, with feedrates up to 20 m/min in all axes. Additionally customers can specify between either the Siemens control with ShopMill conversational programming, or the Fanuc production control to suit their own requirements. For higher performance the XYZ 1060 HS machine has a 12,000 revs/min spindle (24,000 revs/min option) and feedrates are 43 m/min in all axes. The XYZ 1060 HS is also equipped with high precision, high quality, NSK linear roller bearings and in common with the rest of the XYZ VMC range has direct drive servomotors on all three axes that guarantee high positioning accuracy and repeatability under all cutting loads.

Two of XYZ’s CNC lathes complete the MACH line-up with the XYZ TC 320 LTY turning centre and Compact Turn 52 representing the extensive range of available. The powerful XYZ TC 320 LTY features a 3300 revs/min/45 hp spindle, 300 mm chuck and a bar capacity of 78 mm. Combining the machine’s 100 mm Y-axis travel with live tooling at each of the turret’s 12 positions means that complex components can be quickly and accurately machined, eliminating in many cases the need for secondary operations.

The Compact Turn 52 is the smallest of XYZ CNC lathes, with a footprint of just 1700 mm by 1450 mm in its standard form. However, it still provides a powerful machining platform thanks to its 5000 revs/min/20 hp spindle and axis travels of 185 mmm and 325 mm (X and Z), with rapid traverse rates of 20 m/min.  Like all of the machines in the XYZ range, its turning centres also benefit from a highly rigid and stable construction, with hardened and ground box slideways and solid meehanite castings for the major components.

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