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MACH 2016 was a masterpiece for ACT
MACH 2016 was a masterpiece for ACT
MACH 2016 was a masterpiece for ACT
MACH 2016 was a masterpiece for ACT

MACH 2016 was a masterpiece for ACT

Added to MTDCNC by ACT Ltd on 22 April 2016

The Advanced Carbide Tooling (ACT) stand at MACH is always a hive of activity, but at MACH 2016 a demonstration of customer products that use ACT tools proved a master-stroke. The Hinckley cutting tool company had gold and rodium plated clocks from Sinclair Harding, a West Yorkshire manufacturer of fine clocks that can cost in excess of £30,000 and sometimes up to £250,000.

Commenting upon the clocks, ACT's Managing Director, Mr Denis Houghton said: "The engineering masterpieces were drawing more attention from serious engineers than any short skirted models or giveaway gimmicks. The engraving tools used on the clocks were also demonstrated on rings produced by Geti Rings a Birmingham jewellery manufacturer. These aesthetically impressive products highlighted the precision, quality and capability of the Nine9 range and as always, we were taking orders on the stand for next day delivery."

ACT had show visitors to MACH 2014 taking the unprecedented step of pulling out their company credit cards and buying tools from the stand; and 2016 yielded an even higher order intake than the previous show. This was largely down to the attractive promotions that were running in line with the demo parts on the stand. During MACH, and for a limited period beyond the show, ACT is running a promotion on its Nine9 multi-function tool for spotting, chamfering, grooving and engraving. The multi-functional tool can accommodate a range of inserts such as the W-Spotting, Corner Rounding and 60 degree Spot Chamfer inserts to deliver astounding flexibility for the end user. With a 50% Promotional Saving to new customers on the multi-function tool, as well as special offers on the corner rounding and NC Helix Drill tools, ACT took record enquiries and sold an extremely high number of tools at MACH 2016.

The promotional offer on the NC Helix Drill at MACH provided customers with the opportunity to buy the NC Helix Drill tool holder and get two free inserts. This promo is also available for a limited period beyond MACH. The exciting Nine9 multi-functional NC Helix Drill has been developed to eradicate 'non-cutting' times through its ability to conduct helical interpolation milling, ramping, slotting, counter-boring and drilling with a single tool. This flexibility is emphasised by the requirement for just six different tools for drilling precision holes from 13 to 65mm diameters.

Corresponding with the NC Helix Drill is a series of inserts with two cutting edges per insert and a serrated cutting edge geometry. At MACH, ACT introduced a new NC5074 P40 insert grade to complement the existing K20F coated grade. The new Helica AlCrN coated P40 grade has been developed to reduce chatter in low powered machine tools through its smooth cutting action. Superb on 3XD cutting and beyond, the new P40 grade and the K20F micro grain inserts work in conjunction with a drill body offered with shank diameters of 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25mm for drilling holes from 13 to 20mm, 15 to 25mm, 20 to 30mm, 25 to 40mm, 30 to 50mm and 42 to 65mm diameters. For further information on the limited period offers, contact ACT now.

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