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Mapal enquiries take-off at MACH 2016
Mapal enquiries take-off at MACH 2016
Mapal enquiries take-off at MACH 2016
Mapal enquiries take-off at MACH 2016

Mapal enquiries take-off at MACH 2016

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 28 April 2016

Mapal had an exceptionally successful MACH exhibition with lead generation from the aerospace and automotive sectors reflecting the industry targeting design of the stand at the show. The industry specific solutions, the new Unibase vending system, the unique additive manufactured products and the new Tritan Drill were all reasons that pulled a high number of visitors to the stand.

Reflecting upon what was an outstanding event, Mapal's Managing Director, Mr Wayne Whitehouse said: "On reflection of MACH, the show was excellent for both existing customer and new enquiries. It allowed us to demonstrate our ever expanding product portfolio, which we expect will significantly increase our customer base. With our technical experts explaining the benefits of the new product lines at MACH to new and existing customers, we are confident the product advantages will benefit all those who visited our stand."

"In addition, the show also gave us the opportunity to network with other exhibitors of which, many are both customers & suppliers. We had a lot of interest in our Mapal Unibase vending system & our new Additive manufactured product lines. Furthermore, our new Tritan Drill was very popular with customers aiming to extend tool life whilst lowering machining costs. "

The Mapal Stand at MACH incorporated industry specific displays that attracted customers to Mapal's solution based products that are extremely popular among leading OEM's in the aerospace and automotive sectors. Aside from these visually impacting displays, Mapal had significant interest in its Unibase vending solution. Whereas other systems operate with individual controllers for each drawer, Mapal has developed a common controller for all drawers. This makes it possible to easily and cost-effectively implement drawer dividers in different heights. This applies also to individual tool dispensing, offering a cost-effective system.

With regard to the standard product lines, Mapal launched a multitude of innovations at EMO last autumn and these were on show in the UK for the first time at MACH 2016. One key product making its MACH debut was the new solid carbide Tritan-Drill. The three-fluted Tritan-Drill provides extended tool life, higher feed rates, improved cutting performance and reduced tooling costs when compared to two-fluted alternatives.  Additionally, the three-fluted design significantly improves hole concentricity as the drill is self-centring. The test conditions of this drill have returned huge tool life and cycle time improvements and with technical experts highlighting the benefits at MACH, the crowds were very interested in trying this new drill.  Alongside the Tritan-Drill was the impressive new QTD indexable insert drill.

This ingenious and patented drill is produced by a laser sintering additive manufacturing process. This new production method has enabled Mapal to re-design and improve the coolant holes and subsequent flow rates. Additionally, the new coolant hole design has strengthened the core of the drill to improve tool life, rigidity and overall performance.

Mapal also introduced a new series of narrow contour hydraulic chucks that are also produced by additive manufacturing. By using additive manufacturing, the High Torque Chuck (HTC) range is offered without the need for an internal membrane sleeve, thus eliminating sleeves and consequent set-ups whilst providing an extremely narrow contour. If you missed your opportunity to see these ground breaking technologies at MACH and the benefits they provide, please visit the Mapal website (www.mapal.com) for more details.

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