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Added to MTDCNC by Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd on 28 March 2015

Yamazaki Mazak is set to revolutionise the world of CNC and deliver a step-change in machine control and performance with the European launch of its SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY, at a dedicated Open House in May.

SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY incorporates the new MAZATROL SMOOTHX CNC alongside new machine hardware and servo systems to deliver an improved operator experience, faster machining times and further integrate CNC into the overall factory management system. The result is a breakthrough in CNC which uses intuitive operations in a similar manner to smartphones and tablets.

Those wanting to experience the power of SMOOTHX firsthand can register for the dedicated Open House, which will celebrate the technology’s official European debut on the 13th-15th May 2015, at Mazak’s European Headquarters in Worcester. To register for places, simply visit www.mazakeu.co.uk/SOH.

The launch event will showcase SMOOTHX’s versatility as the new control system will be installed across five different machine tools, demonstrating the technology’s compatibility across a wide range of machining applications, from turning and milling to multi-tasking and full 5-axis machining.

As with all Mazak technology, the new SMOOTHX is designed with ergonomic comfort for the operator front of mind. The operating panel boasts a 19 inch touch screen which is 36% smaller than its predecessor and can be rotated to suit the posture of the operator.

Crucially, SMOOTHX is capable of ultra-fast processing speeds up to four times faster than its predecessor, enabling it to respond to the demands of the latest generation of servo motors employed.

The launch of SMOOTHX also marks a major leap forward in usability with the development of the new Smooth Graphical User Interface (GUI), designed in conjunction with the world famous industrial designer Ken Okuyama. It features five new process home screens that present critical data in a single page view, whilst simplifying the key operational stages: from part programming, management of tool data and set-up, through to the actual machining cycle and machine maintenance.

The new Quick MAZATROL interface for SMOOTHX dramatically reduces the process time and number of keystrokes required to input a program, by 38% compared to its predecessor. This is achieved by the use of touch screen technology and real-time processing of the 3D part shape, in simultaneous view, as the program is complied.

Additionally, MAZATROL SMOOTHX includes a range of new MAZATROL programming functions such as Intelligent Pocket Milling, which can reduce machining time by up to 60% compared to conventional offset tool paths.

The SMOOTHX can also play a key role in factory management operations through its ability to manage data and production systems on one platform and with an open interface, enabling automation equipment to be connected and managed from the CNC.

Richard Smith, Managing Director UK & Ireland Sales Division for Yamazaki Mazak, commented: 'Yamazaki Mazak has a long history of delivering cutting-edge CNC solutions and we are looking forward to unveiling our latest innovation in control at a dedicated Open House in May. We believe SMOOTHX to be the world’s fastest CNC and an unprecedented breakthrough in the use of smart technology to aid programming, machine performance and connectivity.'

He continued: 'SMOOTHX is a revolution in CNC, going beyond merely using a touch screen to reduce programming times, by delivering a step-change capable of dramatic improvements in overall machine performance.'

Mr Smith concluded: 'SMOOTHX marks a leap in technology equivalent to the jump from desktop to tablet computing, and with five machines featuring SMOOTHX control on display at our upcoming Open House, we are looking forward to showcasing its versatility and ease-of-use directly to our customers.'


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