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MTA Sets Manufacturing into Motion With Promotion of MACH 2016
MTA Sets Manufacturing into Motion With Promotion of MACH 2016
MTA Sets Manufacturing into Motion With Promotion of MACH 2016

MTA Sets Manufacturing into Motion With Promotion of MACH 2016

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 26 September 2014

On 25th September, the MTA (Manufacturing Technologies Association) held a conference to launch its vision for the MACH 2016 exhibition. At the MTA head office in Bayswater, London, MTA Head of External Affairs, Mr Paul O'Donnell outlined that the UK's showpiece manufacturing event on April 11-15th of 2016 will be branded 'Manufacturing in Motion'.

The conference was an opportunity for Mr O'Donnell re-iterate the importance of the stand ballot process, highlight the success story that was MACH 2014 and also to introduce the MTA's new CEO Mr James Selka. For potential exhibitors at MACH 2016, the ballot process has now begun with the first ballot for stands finalised and the secondary ballot taking place throughout October.

With an MTA drive to introduce new technologies at MACH 2016 such as additive manufacturing, 3D-printing and all things 'composite', the aim will be to have upwards of nine technology zones that are key to these emerging sectors. This will once again be supported by globally renowned OEMs such as Airbus, who have already committed to the 2016 show. With so much planned for the 2016 event, the stand balloting process has kicked-off much earlier than previous MACH shows.

Mr O'Donnell was also keen to emphasise the success of the 2014 event, highlighting the key statistics of £177M of new business generated at the show, over 600 exhibitors covering a floor space of 37,000sq/m and over 23,000 visitors taking in the technology behind 6,500tons of machinery. Of the 23,000 visitors, an MTA survey revealed that a staggering 99.3% of the visitors either partly or fully meet their objectives by attending the show. A clear indicator that anyone in the manufacturing industry really does need to attend to review the latest technology.

Running through the CV and remit of new MTA CEO, Mr Selka, the new CEO has spent his career involved in the oil & gas, chemical, food and fluid sectors that date back to an apprenticeship served in the manufacturing industry. With such a breadth of skill sets and an understanding of the industry, Mr Selka is aiming to enhance the UK manufacturing supply chain by developing relationships with and between subcontractors, schools, universities and other academic institutions. Part of this task will be to improve funding for apprenticeships to train the engineers of tomorrow.

Another area that will be addressed by Mr Selka will be the development of synergies with more organisations outside the UK. With 5% of MACH 2014 visitors coming from outside the UK, the MTA will be building upon its existing overseas relationships to extend the reach of MACH and the MTA membership. More details will be revealed by the MTA, when it conducts another press conference 25th November 2014 at the famous Brooklands Museum. As always, MTD will be there to give you all the news.

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