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MTDCNC visit the ETG Ireland Open House..
MTDCNC visit the ETG Ireland Open House..
MTDCNC visit the ETG Ireland Open House..

MTDCNC visit the ETG Ireland Open House..

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 13 June 2015
MTD recently visited the Open House event at the new Engineering Technology Group (ETG) facility in Ireland to investigate what the company is now delivering to the manufacturing sector on the Emerald Isle. We spoke with General Manager of ETG Ireland Mr Jamie Fletchmore who has worked with the Irish market for over 11 years  to find out a little more....
With over 60 customers attending over a 3 day period, the busy event generated significant interest with many visitors being very focused upon investing in ETG machines and a key point of interest was the support services that back up the product line. 
This was something that ETG reflected in its interview with MTD, as Mr Fletchmore commented: 'Our aim is to bring the UK products and services to the Irish market. This includes engineering support, application support and service support that will all now be delivered directly from Ireland, so the Irish customers do not have to go back to the UK. This eliminates the added expenditure and brings the services to the doorstep of the customer.'
'The big advantage for the Irish customers is the cost element. Bringing engineers and equipment to Ireland from the UK has an added cost and time that has now been eliminated. We now have the facilities, the machines, the tools and most importantly the engineers on the doorstep. Whilst our new show room was set up for demonstration purposes, we can also do specific demos, special set-ups as well as operator and programming training. The philosophy is about bringing everything closer to the customer in Ireland. This is a unique facility. There are dealers that represent UK companies in Ireland, but they do not offer the same level of service and application support as we can with this new facility.'
With regards to the marketplace in Ireland, Mr Fletchmore continues: 'There is a very pro-active market, especially in the Cork and Galway area that is heavily involved in the medical industry whilst northern Ireland is heavily involved in the aerospace sector. So, from that aspect you have a diverse range of end users and we have the right range of products to service this market. We have the large robust 5-axis machines for customers conducting large work in the north and we also have the smaller multi-spindle and multi-turret machines for intricate components that are ideal for medical customers in the south. '
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