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OGP at Aero Engineering Show Exhibition 2015
OGP at Aero Engineering Show Exhibition 2015

OGP at Aero Engineering Show Exhibition 2015

Added to MTDCNC by OGP UK Ltd on 08 October 2015

As no two jobs are the same, ever increasing product complexity demands the ability to accurately measure a vast array of features. OGP measuring machines, to be showcased at the Aero Engineering Show Exhibition 2015, deliver just that. Multi-sensor capabilities meet any measurement requirement, while offering complete versatility and future-proof capabilities. Rather than use a traditional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) alongside a laser scanner and a profile projector, a single OGP SmartScope can do the work of several machines.


The latest OGP UK video demonstrates the Smartscope Vantage machine, allowing you to see the benefits of precision, performance and perfect measurement: click for video here.


The Smartscope Vantage is an extremely accurate, coordinate measuring machine range that enables you to build products, optimise processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply and precisely.


The Need:


Manufactured parts are becoming increasingly complex and subject to tighter tolerances. In many cases, dimensions are not easily measured on a single measurement machine. Before Vantage, the part had to be set up and measured on one machine, then repeated on other machines to get additional measurements of the same part. This was inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming.


Now consider a Vantage multi-sensor system. Fixture the part once. Use video to measure edges. Then use laser or touch probe for surface points or contours. Use a micro-probe for delicate features. Repeat as necessary. Now look at the model and the data. OGP MeasureMind® 3D Multi-Sensor metrology software deals with all the sensors and integrates the data into a single, detailed output. Use the data to verify compliance with the CAD file, or to reverse engineer the part. 




Product Highlights


  • Patented TeleStar® 10:1 zoom lens is completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout its range, for distortion free, high-fidelity images - perfect for high-accuracy metrological applications.                                                              
  • Vantage machines have been designed to carry multiple sensors without compromising performance. This means that one machine can do the job that previously required 4 or 5 separate devices.                                                                      
  • Vantage machines can be specified with measuring volumes from 300 to 610 mm in X, 150 to 660 mm in Y and 200 to 400 mm in Z.                                               
  • All machines in the Vantage range support tactile, laser and micro sensors for the most complete high accuracy measurements possible in a single part setup.    
  • Vantage's video capability enables highly accurate and ultra-fast data capture involving complex geometry, small features or the instant recording of large amounts of information such as when scanning intricate profiles.                                         
  • Exceptional ease of use – eliminates operator adjustments.                                              
  • Significantly reduced measurement time.                                                                          
  • Minimal operator training.                                                                                                
  • Improved quality levels with Smartscope Vantage accuracy and precision.


The Smartscope Vantage range will give you precision, performance and perfect measurement every time with secure software and adaptable features to suit your needs – get a behind the scenes look at the Aero Engineering Show Exhibition 2015, 4th-5th November, stand E5, Hall 5, NEC Birmingham, or go to www.ogpuk.com


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