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Proto Labs Signs Up to the MTD
Proto Labs Signs Up to the MTD

Proto Labs Signs Up to the MTD

Added to MTDCNC by Proto Labs on 08 January 2016

It's a New Year...and new customers are signing up to the MTD marketing platform. Your favourite news and media hub for the manufacturing sector is bringing in the new year with the addition of a host of new high profile customers. The latest to join MTD is Proto Labs, a company that is probably one of the fastest in the industry at supplying prototypes and low volume components.

For those of you that don't know the name, you probably should pay more attention to the manufacturing media and press. But to give you a little more on exactly who and what Proto Labs do, their mission statement coins it simply as: 'to radically reduce the time it takes to get prototype injection moulded plastic parts'.

Proto Labs Ltd has radically changed the economics and lead times associated with the production of prototype and low-volume parts for European manufacturers. Its customer base extends through the medical, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics sectors to name a few. The company has three service offerings: CNC machined parts (ideal for quantities of 1-25 parts) in over 30 production-intent materials including aluminium and brass, injection-moulded plastic parts (ideal for quantities of 25-10,000+) in just about any production-intent material, and finally additive manufacturing; building parts in plastics and metals in precise geometries or large highly detailed patterns.

Using an ‘ultra-fast’ compute-cluster Proto Labs offers a web-based quoting system that includes a detailed analysis and an accurate all-in production price in just hours with orders often shipped within 24 hours. Designers or engineers can upload a 3D CAD model, without the need for an account, to obtain manufacturability analysis free, with full customer service engineer support as required.

Now you know what Proto Labs do (in a nutshell), you'll have to keep your eyes on our regular updates and social media channels to learn more about how this exciting company can seriously revolutionise production for your business.


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