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Renishaw unveils Inspection Plus with SupaTouch at EMO 2015
Renishaw unveils Inspection Plus with SupaTouch at EMO 2015

Renishaw unveils Inspection Plus with SupaTouch at EMO 2015

Added to MTDCNC by Renishaw plc on 27 August 2015

Intelligent software optimises on-machine probing cycles 


Renishaw, a market-leading engineering technologies company, will introduce Inspection Plus with SupaTouch™ optimisation at EMO 2015, Milan, Italy (5th-10th October, hall 5 stand D15). This enhanced software package automatically optimises on-machine measurement cycles to minimise cycle time and maximise productivity.


The software features an easy-to-use optimisation process to automatically determine and select the highest feedrates a machine tool can achieve whilst maintaining measurement accuracy. It also uses intelligent in-cycle decision making to implement either a one or two-touch probing strategy for each measurement routine.


Inspection Plus with SupaTouch optimisation eliminates the need for manual optimisation of on-machine positioning feedrates, measurement feedrates and strategies. When compared with traditional software cycles, it provides a significant cycle time reduction of up to 60% on CNC machine tools.


To ensure maximum accuracy, the software detects any measurements taken during machine acceleration or deceleration phases and compensates for errors by taking corrective action and remeasuring. It also introduces a calibration process that improves measurement repeatability in all directions and improves the accuracy of probe positioning during multi-axis vector moves.


Inspection Plus with SupaTouch optimisation enhances the many proven benefits of Renishaw’s established Inspection Plus software. With this new software, users can significantly improve cycle times and on-machine measurement results, maximising the productivity and profitability of their machine tools.

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