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Star display a raft of new machines at MACH 2014
Star display a raft of new machines at MACH 2014

Star display a raft of new machines at MACH 2014

Added to MTDCNC by Star Micronics GB Limited on 29 April 2014

It was great to be at MACH 2014 and witness the continued resurgence of the UK engineering community. The show was lively and this year saw technology take a further leap, with many engineering firms jumping ahead by replacing their dated machinery with the cutting-edge technology produced by some of the leading industry lights.

In terms of our own technology, we displayed a raft of new machines including the large diameter SV-38R, with programmable B axis and 27 mounting positions available, whilst at the opposite end of the scale is the highly versatile SB-12R, which can be equipped with four types of tool post also created a lot of interest.

Look out for more in-depth reviews on the flagship ST-38, on which we will shortly be running a technical review, and the SR-20R IV type B, whose review will be appearing in the press over the next two months.

The workhorse SR-32J, the 7-axis CNC lathe with fully independent sub-spindle complete with C axis assists, was another machine that our clients made a special effort to speak to us about at the show. They gave us glowing references on its ability to produce complex parts to critically high precision, whilst still enjoying fast set up and cycle times.

The ever-popular SR-10J rendered many visitors to our stand speechless by producing 3 gear forms milled onto a sub-4mm diameter watch part called a pinion winder. As you can see from the images, the parts could only be shown through a microscope and presented on screen with very high detail and precision. This machine has enabled our client to manufacture the part on one machine in a single operation, rather than the previous method of running on three different machines.

A particular highlight of MACH was the commitment shown by the people who actually own our technology. We have at least two clients per day on the stand acting as ‘live’ customer case studies. It was a pleasant experience for our sales team to step back and let our customers tell the engineering world how good the machines were.  Thanks to all who helped throughout the week – your support is greatly appreciated.

We developed many new enquiries, not only from existing clients, but also from many users who had competitors’ machines within their premises and had heard about our leading technology and world-class service and support teams. We are busy working with enquiries throughout the next few weeks and 2014 looks like it’s going to be even better than 2013.

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