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Technology partners announced for Tornos THINK Event
Technology partners announced for Tornos THINK Event

Technology partners announced for Tornos THINK Event

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 05 September 2013

Tornos UK is now delighted to announce its Technology Partners at its Open House event at its Coalville headquarters from 15-17th October. The event that will be jointly held at the Tornos & Matsuura Technology Centres will now include Fanuc Automation, Delcam, Sys and Zoller as key partners alongside the hosts Tornos and Matsuura. Additional partner companies at the event will be Floyd Automatic Tooling, Mecwash, Lehmann 5-axis machining, Rainford Precision, PSL Datatrack, Iscar and Tornos Finance Solutions.

With so many companies participating in the event and the fact that they will all be keen to give UK show debut's and demonstrations of new products launched at EMO in September; the event is an exciting prospect for UK manufacturers.

From a Tornos perspective, the company will be focusing upon efficient one-hit machining and the reduction of bar waste. The Swiss manufacturer will highlight this with the first UK showing of the new SwissNano, Tornos ST26 and EvoDeco 32 sliding head turning centres. The new innovations will be accompanied by other established brands from the Tornos stable. The event will give visitors the opportunity to see seven machine tools in total. The technology will cover the single and multi-spindle turning disciplines as well as high precision machining centres.

The UK premiere of the Swiss ST26 7-axis turning centre will be a highlight of the event with its two independent tool platens and modular tooling arrangement. Developed by the engineers at Tornos with the remit of high performance and productivity levels with incredible ease-of-use, the Swiss manufacturer has undoubtedly ticked every box with the ST26. With 36 tool positions and up to 17 driven tools plus the ability to operate with or without a guidebush, the ST26 offers high productivity and rigidity with exceptional capability levels and all at an affordable price. Furthermore, with the guide bushless option the ST26 can turn parts beyond lengths of alternate sliding head machines whilst reducing bar waste and the associated costs for the customer.

For customers demanding a machine with the ultimate in productivity, flexibility and quality, Tornos UK will be giving the UK marketplace its first chance to see the new EvoDeco32. Equipped to cut with 4 tools simultaneously to maximise productivity plus a maximum of 10 linear axes for incredible versatility, the EvoDeco32 has been developed with the operator in mind. To this end, the EvoDeco32 incorporates Tornos’ TB-Deco software that is easy to program with intuitive graphic simulations for operator comfort. Furthermore, the EvoDeco range has a new design that gives operators ease-of-access to the work envelop as well as a large viewing area to watch the parts being manufactured. Renowned for its ability to produce high quality parts with precision and speed, Tornos has increased the power and torque levels on this 32mm diameter capacity machine to provide a robust solution for heavy cutting operations and high productivity environments.

As well as these new innovations, Tornos will be showing market leading innovations in the form of machine tools developed since the last EMO show. This will all be supported with a wide variety of tooling, accessories, cleaning equipment, cutting fluid, software products and additional ancillary equipment from some of Tornos UK’s technology partners. For further details on the event that will be held from the 15-17th October, please visit www.tornos.com

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