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Thame Grips Quick Change Concept At MACH With New Vices
Thame Grips Quick Change Concept At MACH With New Vices

Thame Grips Quick Change Concept At MACH With New Vices

Added to MTDCNC by Thame Workholding on 01 March 2016

If you are in the market for a new vice that is a fitting solution for all your challenging clamping tasks, it may be time to look at the new Makro Grip Avanti universal vice that is now available from Thame Workholding. Ideal for 5-sided manufacturing, this new vice has a quick-change mechanism that enables the customer to take an extremely diverse range of components from raw material to finished part in a single clamping set-up.

With the flexibility of the quick change jaw system providing changeover times faster than competitor vices, the new Avanti range is the perfect addition to any machine shop. The extremely compact 5-axis vice has unbeatable workpiece accessibility and the package is completed with multiple clamping systems for clamping profile and round parts with the complementary Profile Clamping Vice and Ino-Grip chucks that are all available from Thame Workholding.

Incorporating a patented clamping interface, the new Makro Grip Avanti from Lang has a centring accuracy of +/-0.02mm and double guided jaws that are available in steel or aluminium. What makes this innovative new vice so attractive is the ability to rapidly change the jaws with a single hexagonal socket clamping screw. With a single rotation of the clamping screw, the jaws can be rapidly locked into position. This enables the customer to change set-up configurations for different parts with remarkable ease. Furthermore, the option of a wide range of aluminium or steel add-on jaws allows the customer to clamp irregular shaped components with confidence.

Sitting upon a lightweight base that is extremely rigid and sturdy, the Avanti is equipped with clamping studs that provide extremely precise clamping in the QuickPoint zero-point clamping system. Using the zero-point clamping system, the end user can rapidly transfer the clamped parts to alternate machines for secondary processing and even to a metrology department for inspection with micron precision repeatability. 

The Makro Grip Avanti is available in three configurations, the Avanti 46, Avanti 77 and the Avanti 125. The Avanti 46 is a compact version that has the option of a 77 or 117mm base length. The respective versions have a maximum opening range of 5 and 45mm with an overall weight of less than 3kg. Despite the small and lightweight characteristics, the Avanti 46 can clamp workpieces with a maximum clamping force of 6,000N. The Avanti 46 is supplied with 55mm by 36mm quick change base jaws. In terms of soft 'add-on' jaws, Thame Workholding can supply steel or aluminium jaws that are 57 by 38mm with a height of 26mm.

The larger Avanti 77 vice is available with a maximum opening range of 15, 55 and 95mm, which depends upon whether the customer selects the 130, 170 or 210mm base configuration. This mid-range clamping system has a remarkable clamping force of 14,000N that instils confidence for the end user when they are conducting extensive 5-sided machining operations.

Whereas the Avanti 46 and 77 are based upon the Quick-Point zero-point clamping system with stud spacing of 52mm, the largest system in the range, the Avanti 125 is based upon a stud spacing of 96mm. This enhances the rigidity and stability of the system when machining larger components that demand higher material removal rates. The Avanti 125 is available with base lengths of 210, 260, 310 and 360mm that permit a clamping range up to 55, 105, 155 and 205mm respectively. Depending upon the model selected, the Avanti 125 has a robust overall weight from 12kg up to 17.7kg. For further details on how this next generation vice can resolve your multi-axis workholding issues, please contact your local Thame Workholding representative.

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