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An automation and workholding masterclass from Thame at MACH 2014
An automation and workholding masterclass from Thame at MACH 2014
An automation and workholding masterclass from Thame at MACH 2014
An automation and workholding masterclass from Thame at MACH 2014

An automation and workholding masterclass from Thame at MACH 2014

Added to MTDCNC by Thame Workholding on 24 February 2014

Thame Workholding will be demonstrating its wide range of automation and workholding solutions on stand 5359 at MACH 2014. There will be a live demonstration of the Lang Eco Tower which uses a spiral configuration to store up to 60 Makro-Grip Automation Vices, which slide by gravity down to the loading position. The air operated robot handling device removes the previous job from the machine and places it on an elevator to take it back to the top of the tower.  The robot then picks the next job from the tower and loads it to the machine so that production can continue uninterrupted until all the vices on the tower have been completed. Simple and effective, this system enables 24 hour automated machining at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

At the heart of the Lang technology, on display at MACH, is the Grip-Fix stamping process which enables workpieces to be securely clamped on 3mm of material and easily and accurately located and repositioned in the Makro-Grip vices using the patented form closure technology. This saves wasted material, eliminates the facing operation, normally required before machining can start, and minimises clamping forces, which can distort the part. When coupled with the Quick•Point zero point clamping system and the Quick•Tower for horizontal machining centres, vices and pallets can be located extremely accurately and quickly, optimising repeatability and productivity.

New at MACH will be the InoFlex patented 4-jaw chuck with compensating jaws. These automatically align irregular shaped workpieces in the centre of the chuck through a single lead screw, eliminating clocking operations, the difficult adjustment of four lead screws and excessive clamping forces. To spread clamping forces even further and achieve optimum roundness, Thame Workholding will be showing its InoZet system which changes your three jaw chuck into a compensating six jaw chuck, its InoTop system which aligns the part from the outside but clamps it internally, making it ideal for thin walled components, and its InoGrip system, which achieves 10 times higher holding force with minimum clamping pressure, through its patented stamping technique.

For companies making short runs of components the Samchully quick jaw change chucks enable companies to change jaws in less than one minute compared with 10 minutes for some chucks. Furthermore, the wedge bar technology used by Samchully gives higher accuracy than wedge hook systems achieving TIR of .02mm or less for chucks up to 300mm, significantly less loss of grip under rotation and much lower spikes in grip pressure, which can damage the part.

Vacuum workholding can be very useful technique for thin, irregular and non magnetic parts, especially if they have a large surface area. Thame Workholding has an extensive range of products including Vac-Mat, Metapor, Flip-Pod and rotary vacuum fixtures which it can customise to suit individual requirements.

As well as these innovative solutions, Thame Workholding offers standard and special chuck jaws, including quick change top jaw systems manufactured to suit individual requirements. Additionally, it can provide special chucks and large diameter chucks up to 2m, making a visit to its stand essential for companies wishing to maximise productivity and learn more about workholding and automation.

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