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The Wait is Over As TaeguTec Returns to MACH
The Wait is Over As TaeguTec Returns to MACH
The Wait is Over As TaeguTec Returns to MACH

The Wait is Over As TaeguTec Returns to MACH

Added to MTDCNC by Taegutec on 15 February 2016

MACH 2016 will see Korean cutting tool manufacturer TaeguTec make its much anticipated return to the UK's leading manufacturing exhibition after a 10 year absence. TaeguTec will be returning to MACH as part of its Centenary celebrations to introduce its latest innovations that have underpinned the company's meteoric growth over the last few years.

On Stand 5763 at the Birmingham NEC from the 11th to 15th of April, TaeguTec are keen to introduce its extensive milling line that has delivered outstanding results in the industry. As TaeguTec's first foray into UK exhibitions for a decade, show visitors will be drawn to the capability and diversity of the company's milling line-up. Regarded as one of the most extensive milling ranges in the industry, TaeguTec will be introducing indexable end mills, modular tools, face mills and a complete line of solid carbide innovations

Taking centre stage will be the MillRush series of super high positive insert tools with three cutting edges. The company's best-seller, the MillRush has a completely unique geometry, a thick insert design for robust milling applications and an extremely high positive axial rake angle that reduces cutting forces and improves chip evacuation.

Other milling products on show will include the ChaseMill Power - a range of indexable insert tools for optimising performance on low powered machine tools. With a double dovetail geometry on 2PKT inserts, the innovative insert pocket absorbs cutting forces and relieves the insert screw from the cutting load.

For customers frequently conducting ramp and slot milling applications, TaeguTec will introduce the Chase2Mill at MACH 2016. Like the ChaseMill Power, the Chase2Mill is also available in end mill, modular or face mill designation. This compact four corner double sided 4NKT 06 insert has a 90⁰ entry angle that is suitable for high ramp down applications. Also on show will be the Chase Hepta milling line that consists of single-sided positive seven corner inserts that also reduce cutting forces and improve performance.

The introduction of such a diverse range will demonstrate how TaeguTec can optimise productivity and tool life whilst reducing cycle times and costs in everything from micro machining tools through to heavy industrial product lines and bespoke, application specific solutions. For further details on how TaeguTec can deliver these benefits and to join the centenary celebrations, please visit the TaeguTec Stand 5763 at MACH.

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