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Tornos Announces Open House Dates
Tornos Announces Open House Dates
Tornos Announces Open House Dates

Tornos Announces Open House Dates

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 07 September 2016

For manufacturers looking for the latest turning innovations, Tornos UK has now announced that it will be hosting its 2016 Open House event from the 11th to 13th October at its Coalville headquarters. The event will see the established SwissNano, GT26 and ST26 turning centres appearing alongside the new DT26, which will be making its UK debut at the event.

As well as cutting edge machine tool innovations, manufacturers of small turned parts will have the opportunity to investigate the latest cutting tool innovations from Floyd Automatic Tooling, Rainford Precision, Arno Werzeuge and Iscar. Complimentary technology will also be demonstrated by PSL Datatrack, Wogaard and many more.

From a machine tool perspective, visitors will get an opportunity to see the brand new Swiss DT26, which will be shown in the UK for the first time. The extremely sturdy and powerful Swiss DT26 machine has a kinematic design that promotes swarf evacuation and rigidity whilst being an extraordinarily flexible machine.

The machine has a modular work area for both front and back machining and in its standard configuration the Swiss DT26 is equipped with six turning tools, four driven radial tools, an angle tool post that enables the installation of four tools each for front and back machining, as well as 4 independent positions for use with the counter spindle. In addition, the modular driven tools on the DT26 can be configured to the customer’s needs, with tools interchange between main and counter operations. Matched spindle powers on the main and counter spindles are also a significant feature of the DT26 and indeed all of the products on show, which increases the machines flexibility. You'll have to attend the event to see just how capable this new model can be.

Alongside the DT26 will be the established and extremely popular Swiss ST26. Initially developed as a simple machine covering a wide range of requirements, the ST26 is equipped with 7 linear axes and two C-axes. Positioned as a direct competitor to machines equipped with 5 or 6-axes, but in the same price range, the ST26 has already proven a great addition to machine shops around the UK with its 25.4mm diameter and 220mm length capacity.

Both machines will be accompanied by the new Swiss GT26 that was launched at EMO last autumn. The new version of the market leading Swiss GT26 turning centre now includes a B-axis to increase the already impressive flexibility credentials of this machine.
With 6 linear axes, two C-axes, three live tooling platens with the facility for 14 driven tools and a total of up to 40 tools, the GT26 provides remarkable flexibility and capability for the end user.

Finishing the complement of machine tools is the unique SwissNano. With a footprint of 1.8 X 0.65 X 1.6m (LxWxH) and a maximum workpiece diameter of 4mm, the Swiss Nano is a truly 'micro' machine tool. It incorporates an X1/Y1 tooling platten with seven turning tools with maximum shank dimensions of 8 X 8mm. The SwissNano also has the standard capacity for three end mounted tools with a diameter up to 16mm as well as another two end mounted tools for counter-operations. To meet the specific needs of the end user the Swiss Nano is available with optional extras such as a gear hobbing device, cross drilling/milling, polygon turning and HF spindles in both main and counter operations.

Working in synergy with its machine tool range is the Tornos TISIS 2.0 programming and machine management software that will comprehensively be demonstrated at the Open House Event. Designed for all Tornos products working in ISO mode, TISIS has been continuously expanded to provide the users with a steadily increasing number of features such as Industry 4.0 and parametric programming that will simplify programming and prevent errors. 

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