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Tornos celebrates best MACH yet
Tornos celebrates best MACH yet
Tornos celebrates best MACH yet

Tornos celebrates best MACH yet

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 22 April 2016

Tornos enjoyed one of its best ever MACH exhibitions with machine tool sales, sales enquiries and general interest all surging beyond expectation. On the final day of the show, Tornos UK's General Manager Mr John McBride said: "From a monetary perspective, MACH 2016 is one of the best shows on record for Tornos UK. This is because we sold a number of high value machine tools at the show."

The leading Swiss sliding head turning centre manufacturer had three machine tools on its stand, the Swiss ST26 turning centre, the Tornos CT 20 turning centre and the Swiss Nano machine. As well as taking orders for multiple machines from existing customers, Tornos also had significant success with the Swiss Nano machine.

As one of Tornos' best selling units, the ST26 is equipped with 7 linear axes and 2 C axes and is positioned as a direct competitor to machines equipped with 5 or 6-axes, but in the same price range. The ST26 has the capacity for workpiece diameters to 25.4mm and lengths of 220mm that is encased in a 2300 by 1300 by 1700mm (length x width x height) footprint. With a weight of 3300kg and a spindle and counter spindle power of 9.5kW, the new ST26 offers all the precision and rigidity a customer could require. This exciting package was very well received by visitors to MACH from OEM and subcontract companies alike. 

Whilst the  Swiss ST26 machine wowed visitors with its flexibility credentials, it was the cost effective entry level Tornos CT20 that really pulled people onto the Tornos stand at MACH. This machine is an automatic turning centre with sliding headstock and bar capacity of 20mm.  With 5 linear axes and C-axis on both the main and counter spindle, this machine offers extreme flexibility at an economic pricing level, something that was very well received by MACH visitors.

The new machines from Tornos were demonstrated in conjunction with the company's latest version of TISIS software. As the first machine tool builder to embrace Industry 4.0, Tornos impressed MACH visitors with its TISIS 2.0 software package. TISIS encompasses programming and machine management software that is designed for all Tornos products and conforms to Industry 4.0. If you didn't make it to MACH 2016 and would like more details on the TISIS package and how you can benefit from Tornos' latest machine tool innovations, please contact your local Tornos representative.

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