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Tornos Proves 'Best in Class' at Irish Open House
Tornos Proves 'Best in Class' at Irish Open House
Tornos Proves 'Best in Class' at Irish Open House

Tornos Proves 'Best in Class' at Irish Open House

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 22 May 2015

Acknowledged as the leading machine tool agent in Ireland, Premier Machine Tools (PMT) held an Open House event at its Kildare headquarters from the 12th to the 14th May, giving the Irish marketplace their first opportunity to see the new GT26 and TISIS software from Tornos.

Headlined as the 'Best In Class' Event, the Kildare company represents prestigious brands such as Zeiss, EZSet, Seco Tools, Amsonic, Renishaw, Hainbuch and Mollart; but it was the Tornos GT26 and the TISIS software that caught the eye at an event that was attended by over 100 manufacturing companies.

Only recently launched by Tornos, the new TISIS software suite is a programming package that has been developed by Tornos' engineers to create a functional package that will enhance and improve the experience and productivity for the customer. Like many software packages, upgrades and new features are a frequent occurrence and in the latest version of TISIS, a new TISIS-Screen application for monitoring the machine inventory has been created. This Windows  application  is  an  add-on and is supplied with the connectivity pack. TISIS also enables machine tool catalogues and workpiece programs to be transferred or recovered.

Working in harmony with the Swiss GT26, TISIS is the perfect addition for programming workpieces on the machine and the PMT event was the first time for the innovative TISIS package to be shown on the Emerald Isle. An existing Tornos customer reviewing the TISIS package at the event said: 'We carry out a lot of cutting operations and with the TISIS system, we'll be able to implement programs and equipment virtually, and TISIS will immediately show us the possibilities. TISIS will also make it impossible to set up tool holders that are incompatible with each other, saving time at the machine.'

Discussing the interest in TISIS at the PMT event, Tornos' David Dunn says: 'Once the machine configuration is set up in TISIS, the programming is done in the traditional way with an ISO set-up. It uses standard ISO programming and allows the lines of programming to be managed more easily and efficiently. Furthermore, the simulator within TISIS enables parts of the programme to be carried out and the trajectories to be controlled with remarkable ease in a visually friendly format. The remarkable simplicity combined with the astounding capability, made TISIS a crowd pleaser at the PMT event.'

'However, this didn't detract from the capabilities of the new Swiss GT26 machine we had on show. There has been a lot of interest in this new range since its launch at the end of last year and this interest has spilled into the Irish marketplace.'

The new Tornos range comprises of the GT26 and GT13 machines, both of which are available in two version equipped with either 5 or 6 linear axes. The 5-axis model is equipped with proven classic kinematics as its platen comprises X1 and Y1 axes for bar turning. The counter spindle carriage is mounted on 2 linear axes X4/Z4. This enables it to take the work piece to the tools, which can be fixed or rotating and move totally independent of the main-operations for good process overlap.
The difference with the 6-axis version is the vertical linear axis on the counter-operation block. This provides the advantage of being able to double the number of tools available. In total, 8 tools are arranged in 2 rows of 4. A maximum of 4 of these tools can be rotating. These additional tools increase the options for performing complex machining on the rear of the workpiece. In total, the GT26 can be equipped with up to 40 tools,16 of which can be driven, whilst the GT13 has 30 tool positions including 12 driven. Additional benefits on both of these machines is the high spindle power delivered in both main and counter operations, as well as the ability to switch them to run without guide bush very quickly.

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