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Tornos Introduces New Turning Centre
Tornos Introduces New Turning Centre

Tornos Introduces New Turning Centre

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 07 October 2015

At the recent EMO exhibition in Milan, Tornos launched a new version of its market leading Swiss GT26 turning centre. This best-selling unit from the Tornos brand was unveiled at EMO with a host of new developments that include a B-axis to increase the already impressive flexibility credentials of this machine.

Customer feedback has noted that the existing Swiss GT26 has been a huge success in the marketplace with installations in the aerospace, hydraulic, pneumatic, defence and subcontracting sector. However, Tornos is taking the Swiss GT26 to the next level with a raft of new product developments. With 6 linear axes, two C-axes, three live tooling platens with the facility for 14 driven tools and a total of up to 40 tools, the GT26 provides remarkable flexibility and capability for the end user.

However, the arrival of the latest design at EMO now makes the new machine a more ergonomically feasible machine with the B-axis facility. The engineers at Tornos have integrated a positional B-axis rather than a fully interpolable design. By doing this, the B-axis sits on two fixation points, which makes it far more rigid and robust than competitor machines with just one fixation point. Why? Because the development engineers at Tornos are fully aware that the extremely powerful spindle motors on the driven tool stations demand the utmost in rigidity to enhance material removal rates as well as improve precision, surface finishes and consistency of the final component.

The innovative design of the Swiss GT26 B-axis enables it to accommodate 2 X 4 rotating spindles with a spindle speed of up to 9000rpm. Furthermore, the kinematics of the new Swiss GT26 provide the facility for 2 X 4 fixed front tool stations, ensuring that virtually any angle can be indexed or processed by the NC programs.

Patented by the Swiss manufacturer, this raft of new features that have been integrated into the B-axis to ensure it is the only B-axis machine that can support up to four fixed tool positions. It is also the only B-axis machine tool design with a modular position that can incorporate either a fourth rotating drilling station or a 'true' thread whirling head. This will make the new GT26 the ideal proposition for the medical industry. This impressive new thread whirling configuration has a helical angle adjustment feature that can be fully controlled by the CNC control unit.

Aesthetically pleasing, practical and above all productive, the new Swiss GT26 has a coolant system embedded in the B-axis and it can also be adapted to accept high frequency (HF) spindle units. This ensures the new B-axis configuration is effortlessly added to the work envelope without compromising the operator access to the work area, which is particularly spacious and well lit with LED technology. Tornos is proud of its ability to incorporate new innovations with groundbreaking design and with the latest GT26, the development team has not only improved the capability of the machine, but also made it more accessible from the rear of the machine.

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