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Tornos Has Record Enquiry Levels at Open House
Tornos Has Record Enquiry Levels at Open House
Tornos Has Record Enquiry Levels at Open House

Tornos Has Record Enquiry Levels at Open House

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 16 November 2015

The recent Think: 2015 event that Tornos hosted at its Coalville facility in conjunction with Matsuura, proved a resounding success for the Swiss sliding head turning specialist. Over the duration of three days, Tornos UK registered record attendance and enquiry figures at its Leicestershire headquarters.


At the event, Tornos demonstrated the latest innovations in turning technology with its renowned SwissNano, which has taken the micro-machining industry by storm. The GT26 turning centre and the new smaller GT13 variant with their modular tooling system make them stand out from other machines currently available. Alongside these machines, Tornos showed its CT20 to the UK marketplace. This cost effective machine is an automatic turning centre with sliding headstock and bar capacity of 20mm.  With 5 linear axes and C-axis on both the main and counter spindle the machine offers extreme flexibility at an economic pricing level. Positions for 26 tools including options for up to 10 driven tools working across main and counter operations, makes it one of the best-equipped machines in its category; this was evident at the event with a high level of enquiries.


Another new arrival in the UK was the Almac BA1008. This new bar milling machine sees bars fed through the machine to the work envelope, using a divider system which allows components to be machines for bar stock up to a diameter of 16mm using a convention collet clamping arrangement or bigger using a parallel clamping system. Positioned machining operations and interpolation between the tool systems and the workpiece are easily possible. With 4 frontal spindles and optional B axis, 3 lateral spindles and 2 secondary operation spindles, the BA 1008 delivers cost effective and efficient production of small prismatic components with astounding productivity and precision. With a compact footprint and excellent value for money, this machine proved a crowd pleaser for manufacturers of small complex components.


For customers producing parts at the higher end of the productivity and complexity spectrum, Tornos catered for this with its impressive EvoDECO 10. The EvoDECO range represents the pinnacle of the Tornos range. Designed for the most demanding machining operations and users, EvoDECO machines are the most powerful and productive on the market. At the event, the smallest of the range, the 10mm diameter machine was on show. However, with three alternate diameters available (16, 20 and 32mm), the EvoDECO was a definite crowd pleaser.


There was also the chance to see the recent developments made to the Tornos TISIS software, which offers offline programming, process optimisation and much more to aid the customer and end user, which certainly got tongues wagging at the event.

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