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TRUMPF laser deposition systems at PDM

TRUMPF laser deposition systems at PDM

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 21 April 2015

Damage, wear, design changes – there are many reasons why a mould tool must be modified or re-manufactured and TRUMPF laser metal deposition welding (LMD) provides a quick and economical solution.  This is a surface treatment process that adds a layer or layers of material onto the substrate.  The laser melts a pool of metal on the surface and metal powder is deposited through a nozzle into that pool, creating a new surface.

All metal commonly used in mould tooling can be processed by TRUMPF LMD; typically electrode copper, beryllium copper, aluminium and tool steel. The additional material is selected independently of the base material in order to achieve perfect welding results, even in crack-prone alloys.

The very low heat introduction of the laser beam provides many advantages.  The process rarely requires pre-heating and as the application of the additional material is so precise, only minor refinishing is required.  Scorching indentations are avoided and there is virtually no loss of hardness.  The technique can also be applied to cavities.

TRUMPF offers both manual and automated laser deposition systems to suit the application and PDM visitors will be able to see video demonstrations of both at the show.

In the field of industrial lasers the TRUMPF name is dominant.  No other manufacturer can match the scope of its product programme and this is reflected in the most recent company report that confirms an 11.4% increase in demand for TRUMPF laser technology, amounting to sales of €758 million.

Additive manufacturing is a burgeoning sector for TRUMPF, especially in the light of its recently announced joint venture agreement with SISMA S.p.A., Italy’s largest laser manufacturer. TRUMPF has also established an organisational unit in Ditzingen to re-enter the Laser Metal Fusion business again.  The aim is to develop rugged industrial production systems of high quality and productivity for small to medium series.  The target industries for these solutions are specifically automotive, aerospace and turbine; other areas include medical, dental, jewellery and fashion.

For those involved in plastics design and moulding this is extremely good news.  In TRUMPF, the industry has an expert that is committed to innovation in additive manufacturing that will serve to make mould design and modification a flexible and highly cost-effective process.

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