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TRUMPF focuses on the 'Power of Choice'

TRUMPF focuses on the 'Power of Choice'

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 14 April 2015

When it comes to laser processing, the optimal combination of beam source and guidance, optical elements, sensors and software are crucial to the outcome of the task.  The scope of what TRUMPF has to offer, both in terms of its product programme and its exceptional know-how, has made the company a valuable laser partner for many UK manufacturers and systems integrators.  And at this year’s Advanced Manufacturing Show TRUMPF focuses on this ‘Power of Choice’.

TRUMPF offers manufacturers the widest choice of beam sources in the world. From 20W solid-state lasers to 20kW CO2 units, fast flow or diffusion cooled, pulsed, for high-speed cutting, laser deposition welding, or microprocessing - all lasers are developed in-house, which allows the needs of virtually any application to be ably met.

As machine tool builders, the company has extensive knowledge about integrating beam sources with systems – whether this involves complex 3D laser processing centres or simple beam guidance systems. TRUMPF’s laser systems have a modular design so that the machines can be perfectly tailored to their individual applications.  This feature and a broad array of focusing optics give you a wide processing scope. All ancillary components, including controls, interfaces and software are perfectly matched to one another and can, in every respect, satisfy the highest demands.  

Laser applications can range from cutting and welding, through to marking and surface treatment and every application has its own specific requirements. The interfaces, in particular, are key to the successful integration of the laser process into a machine or a production line.  As a result all of the TRUMPF lasers are compatible with all field bus systems commonly found in industry and the clear advantage here is that the user profits from a uniform control architecture.

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