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WNT highlights productivity boosting tooling developments
WNT highlights productivity boosting tooling developments

WNT highlights productivity boosting tooling developments

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 23 August 2013

WNT (UK) will be making use of the inaugural Manufacturing South West exhibition, taking place at the Burlescombe, Devon, headquarters of XYZ Machine Tools (9th and 10th October 2013) to promote the productivity gains that can be achieved by applying the latest in cutting tool, workholding and tooholding technology.

Getting more from less is the challenge faced by every manufacturing business and one that WNT (UK) is helping its customers to achieve. For example, its latest range of indexable insert milling cutters feature an insert with an edge length of just 6 mm. HFC 06 allows high performance indexable insert milling, from 16 mm diameter with feed rates up to 1.5 mm/tooth. The HFC 06 programme sits in the gap normally between 16 and 25 mm diameter, where the cost of solid carbide cutters became a factor. The inserts are available in two geometries, one for steel, and one for heat resistant materials.

Another indexable insert milling range that will be on show at Manufacturing South West is the Mastermill 2520. These cutters are delivering high performance machining of titanium, super alloys and stainless steel components thanks to high performance cutting data brought about by the innovative double-sided inserts and new chipbreaker geometries. Solid carbide milling is also witnessing some new developments at WNT with the arrival of the HPC-Ti solid carbide end mills, with cutting data increased by as much as 75 per cent and tool life extended by typically 3 and 5 times, and in some cases a 10-fold increase can be achieved when machining titanium alloys.  

Tooling and manufacturing costs can also be reduced when drilling thanks to the WNT HF Drills. This new concept of indexable insert drill is providing users with a universal, stable, economical platform to produce holes cost-effectively. By making use of just one insert design, one grade of carbide and one geometry. This allows customers to reduce insert inventories and drive down manufacturing costs without impacting on productivity. The design of the drill body plays an important role in process stability and allow holes up to 5x diameter to be produced.

Workholding and toolholding are an important part of the WNT product portfolio and visitors to Manufactiuring South West will be able to see examples of its MNG Zero Point baseplates. These baseplates are part of a modular workholding system that enables  simple, accurate, and versatile location vices and fixtures.  MNG Zero Point makes use of a simple mechanical clamping system, eliminating the need for hydraulics or air connections, and reducing the initial cost by up to 40 per cent, compared to a hydraulic system.

For high performance toolholding Centro P OZ precision collet chucks give the combination of precision and power with a guaranteed run-out accuracy of 3 micron, the chucks and the new OZ style collets allow users of cutters with shank diameters between 16 and 25 mm diameter to fully utilise their metalcutting capacity thanks to the additional gripping power available.  To support higher cutting data WNT has also increased the internal coolant supply provided by Centro P OZ. The original system was capable of delivering coolant at a pressure of 80 Bar, the new system increases this to 150 Bar, enabling much better removal of swarf from the cutting area.

“We are looking forward to this opportunity to promote the benefits of the WNT range of cutters, our technical support and excellent customer service at Manufacturing South West. XYZ Machine Tools are a long-standing partner of WNT (UK) and our customers have synergies that make that partnership so successful,” says Glenn Stanton, WNT (UK)’s UK & Ireland Sales Manager.

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