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WNT highlights the exotics at  Advanced Engineering
WNT highlights the exotics at  Advanced Engineering
WNT highlights the exotics at  Advanced Engineering

WNT highlights the exotics at Advanced Engineering

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 18 August 2014

WNT (UK) will be highlighting key product developments that impact directly on the productivity of manufacturing businesses involved in the aerospace and allied sectors. Over the past 12 months WNT has introduced several new ranges of cutting tools specifically targeting the machining of titanium and other exotic alloys as well as composite materials. Among these new products are the WTX-Ti solid carbide drills; HPC-Ti solid carbide endmills; a range of solid carbide endmills for composite materials and the RNHU double-sided round insert indexable milling system.

Of particular interest, especially to those in the aerospace sector faced with the challenges posed by heat resistant super alloys, will be the unveiling of the new WTX–Ti range of solid carbide drills, which offer some distinct advantages when drilling these materials. The WTX-Ti drills feature a special geometry that overcomes the specific issues of drilling titanium and heat resistant alloys. The geometry benefits from optimised web thinning to assist in generating much shorter swarf, ensuring that the cutting area is kept clear at all times. A situation further enhanced by the through tool coolant supply. The drill point also has an active centre cutting feature that provides greater centring accuracy as the drill enters the workpiece. The design benefits go beyond the drill point, though and the development of an extremely stable core maximises feed rates and also generates increased process security and reduces cutting forces. Combined with the latest in tool coating technology the WTX-Ti drills enhance cutting data when drilling nickel-based alloys, achieving between 35 and 45 m/min surface speed and feedrates up to 0.2 mm/rev dependant on diameter and flute length.
Those machining titanium will also benefit from WNT’s HPC-Ti solid carbide endmills which are delivering reduced cycle times and improved tool life. Customers already machining titanium and other alloys with HPC-Ti cutters are reporting cutting data increased by as much as 75 per cent and tool life extended by between typically 3 and 5 times, and in some cases a 10-fold increase. Which is helping to increase productivity and profitability.

WNT’s range of cutters for composite machining continues to grow, with a wide range of solid carbide endmills suitable for carbon fibre and graphite across arrange of applications including milling blind pockets, and honeycomb materials   

For indexable insert milling of titanium and other heat resistant alloys WNT has introduced a series of button inserts that are cutting machining times by as much as 40 per cent, while tool life is up by as much as 50 per cent. These gains are due to a new high technology coating and the latest generation chipbreaker geometries, both of which combine to reduce insert wear and offer greater chipflow and protection to the cutting edge. For example, when dry milling using HCN5235 in an 80 mm diameter A2700 face mill, cutting X15CrNiSi20-12 (DIN 1.4828) material at a depth of cut of 1 mm, surface speed of 210 m/min, feedrate of 0.15 mm/tooth and width of cut of 60 mm, the machining time was reduced by 40 per cent and tool life increased by 50 per cent to 11.7 metres of cut length. This is compared to the previous cutter that had to be run using emulsion for cooling and also at a reduced speed of 120 m/min.

“Advanced Engineering provides an ideal platform to discuss with production engineers, from some of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies, the benefits that WNT cutting tools can bring in terms of reduced cycle times and improved productivity and tool life. Ensuring that they remain competitive is becoming increasingly important as the amount of titanium and other similar materials being machined in the UK continues to increase.The development of new and innovating cutting tool products, such as the WTX-Ti drills, HPC-Ti indexable insert milling cutters are helping to dramatically reduce machining costs,' says Glenn Stanton, Sales Manager, WNT (UK).


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