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WNT Ti-HPC titanium machining cutting tools on show
WNT Ti-HPC titanium machining cutting tools on show

WNT Ti-HPC titanium machining cutting tools on show

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 19 March 2013

WNT (UK) will use its stand at the Advanced Manufacturing show to promote new developments in titanium machining. These developments have been brought about by the arrival of the latest addition to WNT’s solid carbide high performance cutter range Ti-HPC.

The show, which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre over the 4-6 June, provides an ideal platform for WNT (UK) to discuss with production engineers from some of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies the benefits of reduced cycle times and improved tool life that TI-HPC can bring. These elements become increasingly important as the amount of titanium and other similar materials being machined in the UK continues to increase.

Ti-HPC cutters are proving to be somewhat of a revelation in terms of cutting data and tool life for customers machining titanium and other alloys. With cutting data increased by as much as 75 per cent and tool life extended by between typically 3 and 5 times, and in some cases a 10-fold increase WNT is helping to drive down manufacturing costs and increase profitability.

'Machining, particularly milling, of titanium and titanium alloys has long posed problems due to excessive tool wear, localised heat and low cutting data. WNT has risen to these challenges and has introduced its Ti-HPC range for titanium milling,' says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK). 'With the growth in use of materials such as titanium, maintaining competitive advantage over your competitors grows more important by the day. This latest development from WNT provides that competitive edge, through increased productivity, reduced tooling costs and less machine downtime.'

The success of the WNT Ti-HPC titanium cutters lies in the extensive R&D undertaken to develop a cutter design that greatly reduces the cutting forces, this in turn allows the much higher cutting a data to be applied. The range of Ti-HPC milling cutters currently starts at 4 mm diameter through to 20 mm diameter, with flute lengths up to 41 mm and a wide choice of corner radii.

Members of WNT (UK)’s technical sales team will be on-hand during Advanced Manufacturing on stand AM100 to offer the benefit of their experience in applying the latest in cutting tool technology. Their experience and advice can prove invaluable to small and medium sized business that are striving to reduce manufacturing costs and maximise the potential of their machine tools.

Typical cutting data examples for Ti-HPC:

Material: 3.7164.1 (Ti6Al4V)    
Surface speed = 80 m/min
Feed per tooth (fz) = 0,07 mm
Axial depth of cut  (ap) = 12 mm
Radial depth of cut (ae) = 4 mm
Tool life: 25 metres

Jet engine component:

Material Inconel 718
Surface speed (Vc): 58 m/min (previously 35 m/min)
Feed per tooth (fz): 0.06mm (previously 0.04 mm)
Axial depth of cut (ap): 16 mm
Radial depth of cut (ae): 4 mm
Tool life: 8 metres (previously 1.5 metres)


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