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XYZ 2-OP launch creates immediate impact

XYZ 2-OP launch creates immediate impact

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 11 September 2014

XYZ Machine Tools’ XYZ 2-OP portable vertical machining centre has received rave reviews and 12 confirmed orders during the four days of launch events held at XYZ’s Burlescombe and Nuneaton showrooms. Visitors to the events immediately grasped the huge potential productivity gains that the XYZ 2-OP brings to any business cutting metal.

The portability of the XYZ 2-OP brings cellular manufacturing within the reach of businesses that would have previously dismissed this method of working as uneconomical. Running machine tools in parallel (in cells) reduces cycle time, improves productivity, profitability, and is nothing new to high volume manufacturers, but is hard to justify in low – medium volume scenarios. That was until the arrival of the XYZ 2-OP. By being able to position the XYZ 2-OP anywhere in the factory, any business can benefit from the efficiencies of cellular manufacturing such as maximising available labour hours, reducing work in progress, and significantly improving machining efficiencies through reduced component Takt time.

Typically in low to medium volume environments a part is machined in sequence, so that when the first operation is complete the entire batch will be transferred to another machine (and another operator) for second operation work to be done. By locating the 2-OP next to a primary machine tool a cell can be created in a matter of minutes, maximising the number of spindles operated by one person, quickly generating reductions in machining costs. The immediate acceptance by customers of benefits of the new XYZ 2-OP portable vertical machining centre was particularly pleasing to XYZ Machine Tools. 'The reaction of visitors to the launch events was fantastic, as introducing a machine that radically changes the way in which companies can operate often takes time to be accepted,' says Martin Burton, XYZ Machine Tools UK Sales Manager. 'By taking 12 firm orders over four days, with more orders still expected from the events, and many more enquiries to be dealt with, this fully justifies our faith in the XYZ 2-OP concept.'

The XYZ 2-OP has a footprint of just 1220 mm by 760 mm and weighing just 1100 kg the XYZ 2-OP can be located, using the supplied pallet truck, anywhere it is needed. It is equipped with a 50 -6000 revs/min, 3 hp spindle, eight position toolchanger, and axis travels of 355 mm (X), 305 mm (Y) and 455mm (Z) with feed rates up to 15 m/min. Control is provided by the easy to use ProtoTRAK TMX CNC unit that provides simultaneous three-axis movement. Workpieces and fixtures can be accurately and securely held in place through use of the Jergens Ball Lock system or you can use the four tee slots.

Fundamentally, labour is expensive and difficult to get at short notice, the XYZ 2-OP eliminates this problem by maximising the available labour hours by adding capacity that can be operated in parallel with existing machine tools, by existing operators. Maximising the number of spindles operated by one person is the quickest and only way to make major reductions in machining costs. With the arrival of the XYZ 2-OP portable VMC, business owners now have the opportunity to reduce the labour content of every component that they manufacture, irrespective of batch size. This in turn will increase their competitiveness and profitability, putting them in a good position to win more business.

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