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ETG Becomes 'Super Distributor'
ETG Becomes 'Super Distributor'

ETG Becomes 'Super Distributor'

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 20 November 2015

The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has announced a new agreement with the Hardinge Group that will see the Southam machine tool specialist increase its stock levels and operate as a distribution and support network for Hardinge/Bridgeport distributors across Europe.

At a distributor seminar held at the ETG headquarters in Southam, ETG welcomed over 50 Hardinge/Bridgeport distributors and agents from around Europe, Russia and even South Africa. Commenting upon the event, ETG's Group Managing Director, Mr Martin Doyle said: "The agreement with the Hardinge Group will now see ETG become a 'Super Distributor' supporting their European network. What this will give European distributors and agents is the choice of ordering machines from stock from the UK as well as ordering direct from the factories in the USA or Taiwan. By giving distributors an opportunity to order direct from the UK, we can drastically reduce lead-times for their customers from 2-3 months to 1-2 weeks. The knock-on effect for the UK marketplace will be increased machine availability, permutations with regards to enhanced specifications and also enhanced services and solutions."

ETG recently doubled the footprint of its machine tool storage facility and this now gives the company the capacity to increase stock levels of machines from 40 to over 100 units. Commenting upon the new agreement, the Managing Director of the Hardinge Group in the UK, Mr John McTernan said: "Distributors and agents from around Europe will now have the choice of accessing an on-line portal on the ETG website as well as on the Hardinge website to check the availability, configuration and price of machines in the UK, US and Taiwan. From here, distributors can make informed decisions on their point of purchase."

"By having access to UK stock, distributors on the continent will be able to reduce lead times considerably. Furthermore, we will be stocking the next generation of milling and turning centres and supplying turnkey solutions for Europe, from the UK. In the worst case scenario, bespoke solutions can take 12 to 16 weeks from the factories, but by utilising the expertise in the UK, our engineers can deliver turnkey solutions direct to the European customers in a matter of weeks."

"With regard to the UK marketplace, the choice and availability of machines from stock will improve considerably. This strategy is creating an ever improving synergy between ETG and the Hardinge Group and it will create business opportunities for both parties in regard to extending our engineering and solution based projects to the end user," concludes Mr McTernan.


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