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Gamet go from strength-to-strength on large bore Oil Country lathe bearings

Gamet go from strength-to-strength on large bore Oil Country lathe bearings

Added to MTDCNC by Colchester Machine Tool Solutions on 26 March 2017

Gamet Bearings have built their well founded reputation for the specialised design and manufacture of large bore taper roller bearings, while working closely with machine tool OEM’s to develop precision bearings to match each manufacturers bespoke and exacting requirements, whether that’s for high accuracy, speed, repeatability or long working life.  

Gamet have many examples of satisfied customers around the world, including Taiwanese manufacturers MYDAY Machinery Inc., and DENVER Industrial Co, Ltd. where for both companies, Gamet came up with completely new bespoke designs of super precision tapered roller bearings supplied to fulfil orders for large spindle bore Oil Country Lathes. 

Gamet’s large bore bearings, manufactured onsite in their factory in Colchester, UK offer world leading benchmark standards of rotational accuracy, high load capacity and stiffness.  Machine tool bearings play a hugely important role in the machine tool development process and the features described are designed to significantly enhance machine tool spindle performance and most importantly, provide unrivalled component accuracy, surface finish and repeatability on any given operation.  

These bearings also offer very high load capacities, giving increased rigidity and durability, which is hugely significant when building heavy duty lathes.  Another unique feature of Gamet’s large bore bearings is that they are fully interchangeable with existing components and can be easily retrofitted to any existing lathe, to significantly enhance its performance.  

Both MYDAY Machinery and DENVER Industrial Co, Ltd. are great examples of highly satisfied Gamet customers – they both have purpose built factories in Taichung specialising in heavy duty conventional and CNC lathes that are exported to all corners of the globe and the high quality materials used, contributes significantly to the performance benefits of high accuracy and exacting tolerances that oil country lathe operators rely on.

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