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JCB Employs Extra 85 Staff to Underpin Post-Brexit Surge

JCB Employs Extra 85 Staff to Underpin Post-Brexit Surge

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 29 September 2016

Prior to the Brexit vote, JCB boss Lord Bamford said the UK 'had little to fear from leaving the EU'. In the three months since 'the vote', JCB has announced a £40m order and now the company is employing an additional 85 staff to help meet demand for a new vehicle

The arrival of the innovative new Hydradig that was only launched in the spring, has already sold out with demand surging beyond expectations. The complete 2016 production run has already sold out and the addition of 85 new staff will support the company as it aims to keep pace with demand. 

The Hydradig is an innovative new vehicle whereby the engine and tanks have been moved to allow the driver to see all four wheels from the driving position. This visibility is enhanced by a new JCB CommandPlus cab that has more glass to further enhance visibility.

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