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LMT Gets a Grip On Inventory With New Vending System

LMT Gets a Grip On Inventory With New Vending System

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 27 February 2017

It is well recognised that the contribution of cutting tools to overall production costs is only in the region of 3-5%. However, this cost can rise very quickly through poor tool management.

Many workshops miss-manage their cutting tools and in many cases do not have the correct tools available in stock. In this instance, a machine operator searches up to 20% of his working time for the right tools and therefore often has 'precautionary' stock at the machine, which can unnecessarily increase the tool inventory by up to 30%. Does this sound familiar?

With the eboy® tool dispensing system from LMT Tools, this scenario can now be a thing of the past. The eboy® tool dispensing system offers a profitable solution for a reliable tool supply procedure. The individual tool requirements of the customer are available around the clock. It doesn't matter whether they are tools for turning, milling, tapping or drilling and regardless of the manufacturer - the stock is always optimised. There are no unnecessary costs due to personnel not locating the tools, over-stocking or the downtime of capital commitment.

Two different versions of the LMT eboy® tool dispensing system are available, the eboy® 'Twistline', which is equipped with spiral conveyor elements similar to the familiar automatic dispensers in the consumer sector, and the eboy® 'flexline lock'. This system has drawers and single-hatch locking for larger or pre-set tools.  

The available consignment stock is defined by agreed target and re-order levels. On reaching the re-order levels, the machine automatically triggers a requisition note for the LMT controller. The reconditioning of worn tools is also ensured. They go into the Service box of LMT Tools and are picked up at short notice and repaired in their original quality. For more details, give LMT a call.

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