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Nissan Makes Major UK Announcement

Nissan Makes Major UK Announcement

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 30 October 2016

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has announced that it will build the next generation of Qashqai and X-Trail at its plant in Sunderland. With over 7,000 staff employed by the company in the North East, Nissan is responsible for almost 10% of the income for Sunderland and the surrounding area.

The securing of jobs at the plant and throughout the supply chain is a major boost for UK manufacturing, especially considering the company's stance on wanting to remain part of the EU's single market. The decision comes swiftly off the back of the first set of quarterly post-Brexit GDP figures that performed better than expected with 0.5% growth.

Whilst Brexiteers will cheer 'told you so' and re-moaners will question the consequences of the incentives handed to Nissan; one thing is clear - the government has long neglected manufacturing and we can all rejoice in the good news regardless of which side of the Brexit fence we sit. Details of the package supplied to Nissan will undoubtedly become clearer as time passes; however the government's secretary of state for business and industrial strategy, Mr Greg Clarke declared on BBC's Question Time that financial incentives were not part of the package.

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