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Siemens Invests in UK 3D-Printing Company

Siemens Invests in UK 3D-Printing Company

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 06 August 2016

Just a few weeks after Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser said the company is committed to the UK in the aftermath of Brexit, the global manufacturing giant has acquired a  Worcester based 3D printing manufacturer.

In 2015 Siemens acquired a 14% stake in Materials Solutions, a figure that has now been increased to 85%, with company founder Carl Brancher retaining 15%. Materials Solutions employs more than 20 engineers and is a world leader in the additive manufacturing industry.

As the head of Materials Solutions, Mr Brancher commented: "I am sure our know-how and experience will make a significant contribution to Siemens' Additive Manufacturing strategy. Materials Solutions is developing the applications know-how and a supply chain for the world's most advanced engineering companies."

With a suite of EOS laser sintering machines, the firm performs engineering and 3D printing services with high temperature alloys, including inconel, cobalt, titanium, stainless steel, and more.  Materials Solutions focuses primarily on aerospace and the energy sector and has had some pretty huge clients, including just about every division of Rolls-Royce, including their Nuclear division, as well as ITP, Sumitomo Precision Products, and an unnamed sports car manufacturer.  It’s these qualifications that drove Siemens to invest in the company.

Commenting on why Siemens made the investment, Mr Ralf Schnell, CEO of the Venture Capital Unit of Siemens said: “There are signs that Additive Manufacturing will move into mainstream production for land and aero gas turbine components. My team and I are very excited about the huge benefit for Siemens’ Additive Manufacturing Industrialisation Strategy resulting from this strategic collaboration.”

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