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Trumpf Press Day 20th January 2016 - Annette Doyle Speech
Trumpf Press Day 20th January 2016 - Annette Doyle Speech

Trumpf Press Day 20th January 2016 - Annette Doyle Speech

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 21 January 2016

What a year of change this has been for TRUMPF UK!  


After a period of change and transition I am very happy to now introduce the new TRUMPF UK leadership team with myself, Annette Doyle, as Managing Director, Lee Moakes as Technical Director, Gerry Jones as National Sales Manager and Alexander Mainos as Manager Finances and Controlling. This team presents the combination of integrity, openness, stability and commitment to innovation that TRUMPF is known for by customers all over the world. We are and will be here to work for our customers and employees in all aspects of the company. I will give you a short biography of each of the team members at a later point.  


I would like to thank you for coming out here today to hear about news from TRUMPF – or 'What’s New in Blue'. I could now go through a tedious amount of numbers about our developments in order intake, turnover and profit for both TRUMPF UK and the Group for the past and current year, but I would rather just give you a short summary of that and have you refer to the USB drives you found on your seats, you will find all relevant information on them. Let’s rather spend our time together meeting people and products than reading out numbers.  


The short version of the numbers is that business is developing mostly according to our expectations. We continue to see a strong demand for our machines in the market and were happy to see the excitement and purchasing activity resulting out of the introduction of our 8kW TruLaser 5030 fiber. With this machine we are offering the highest power solid state 2D Laser cutting machine – and the British market has a high need for it! You will be able to see the reasons for this excitement and positive response in a few minutes when we take a closer look at the machine.  


As expected, during the months of transition we witnessed a short softening of our order intake, however, this has already reversed and we are now on track for another good year at TRUMPF UK. Our FY 2014/15 saw slightly lower order level than 13/14 with slightly increased turnover (so essentially flat), but the trend has reversed and we are seeing an increase in orders again. We are of course aware of potential threats to the British and world economy and are watching economic indicators, technical trends and political situations. Most of all we listen to our customers and learn what for and how much they are using our machines. That is our most important indicator. Keeping the well being of our customers and employees in mind, we see the current situation in a cautiously optimistic way.  


Not only the leadership team has changed, also TRUMPF strategies have. In the last months the team has put a lot of emphasis on customer service as the main face of TRUMPF to the customer. Changes of people and processes have already led to very positive feedback from customers. We want to show the market that we have the best technology available, backed up by a large team of TRUMPF employees who look every day for ways and opportunities to make existing customers enjoy and use their machines to the fullest while showing future customers the opportunities that await them if they join the growing group of TRUMPF users. It is not the quick sale, but the long term commitment on all sides that makes us special.  
Back to the promised information about the new leadership team.   


Gerry Jones, our new National Sales Manager is probably not new to any of you. Gerry has been working for TRUMPF for 21 years and has been involved with Lasers a total of 30 years.


 He has always worked in our sales department, and was last responsible for the sale of our stand-alone lasers and laser systems. Due to his vast experience and knowledge of our customer base, he is the right person to take on responsibility for all of TRUMPF UK’s sales activity. He will later be presenting information about our TruMark Station 3000 and our TruPrint.  


Alexander Mainos is a completely new face to you. Alex has joined us on January 1st 2016 to become our new Manager of Finance and Controlling. He moved here from Stuttgart with his family over Christmas holiday. After obtaining his degree in business law he first worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a senior auditor. Since 2011 he has been working for TRUMPF as a senior auditor, travelling the TRUMPF world performing financial audits. He comes to us with a lot of experience preparing financial statements, a deep understanding of economic law and the passion for numbers and details that will make us successful in that area.  


And obviously you know Lee Moakes, Technical Director of TGB. Lee joined TRUMPF in 2000 as a service engineer. After becoming a project manager and laser manager in the following years he moved to India to work for TRUMPF India as the General Manager TruServices in 2011. He returned to TGB in 2014 to become the Technical Director.  


Last I want to introduce myself. After an internship in Great Britain and an apprenticeship and in Germany and Spain I completed studies of mechanical engineering and business administration in Germany and Chile. I joined TRUMPF in 2001 as a student intern in the US. I continued to work for TRUMPF as a service project engineer, manager of the Training Centre and for the past 5 years as the Assembly Plant Manager.   


Then, less than nine months ago my family celebrated a long overdue house renovation in the US. We were sure that was the place we were staying for the next 30 years. But when the opportunity to move to Great Britain came along it took us exactly 10 minutes to accept, to change course completely, instead of moving furniture into our freshly painted rooms, we started packing. We were all comfortable in our situation in the US, but: Both businesses and people need to be open for and embrace change to be fulfilled and successful. Change is good. Arriving here in the UK I found a successful company in TRUMPF GB with people with great commitment and enthusiasm. Yes, there were big personnel holes to fill, however, the remaining employees ensured good continuation of business and we were able to fill the open management position very well. I have also spent the last months visiting some customers and travelling parts of Great Britain. I am impressed with the shops I visited. I can see the reasons now why Great Britain is one of the safest places to work in, and why in spite of so many economic challenges (currency, transport, cheap competition from Eastern Europe and Asia) Great Britain has remained successful as a manufacturing society. And I can see the role that TRUMPF can play in this manufacturing community, always providing our customers the latest technology, such as our 8kW solid state laser, innovation in processes 
such as TruConnect and continuous support so they can stay a step ahead of their competition.  


In the next hours we will give you some updates about our machines and services, you will also have the opportunity to meet and greet the machines and see them in action. Members of the leadership team will also be around not only to present information about the 8kW TruLaser 5030 fiber, TruLaser 2030 fiber, TruConnect, TruTops Boost and other products, but also to answer your questions.  


If you would like to cover TRUMPF and TRUMPF related information in the future, please feel invited to our open house 15th to 17th of March with the Motto 'Activ8 your POWER' (in reference to our 8kW TruLaser 5030 fiber) and come to visit us at our exhibitions, such as Toolfair this year.  


I thank you again for coming and hope to see you again in the future at any of our events

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