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New ballscrews on used machine tools aren't always the answer

New ballscrews on used machine tools aren't always the answer

Added to MTDCNC by PGM Reball on 11 September 2017

Regardless of the wear or damage to your ballscrews, you can get them repaired. Virtually any ballscrew can be made to operate ‘as new’. You need not worry about which model you have and where you can get it repaired as most makes of ballscrew can be repaired. All ballscrews that are repaired should be checked for proper torque drag and operating smoothness resulting in an ‘as new’ performance. 

Why a rebuilding the ballscrew is an alternative to a new ballscrew unit? 

Well, the cost and the rapid turn-around service that you are supplied when you choose a good company makes rebuilding the ballscrew a better option. Cost is just as significant as turnaround time and both are kept in mind when rebuilding the ballscrew. It makes sense to repair your worn or damaged ballscrews as they are expensive to replace and often have to be specially ordered which can take several weeks. A ballscrew rebuilt can significantly reduce your downtime and production loss. 

Based in Hinckley Leicestershire, PGM Reball offers a 24-48 hour repair service for any size, any make of ballscrew at a fraction of the price of a replacement ballscrew.  Find out more at http://www.pgmreball.co.uk/ballscrew-repairs 

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