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Hainbuch offers everything that a machinist desires
Hainbuch offers everything that a machinist desires

Hainbuch offers everything that a machinist desires

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 10 September 2014

Changing over from O.D. clamping to I.D. clamping without unmounting the base clamping device is done in a matter of two minutes with the Hainbuch modular system. The basic clamping device remains mounted on the machine and serves at the same time as an interface for other clamping devices. Whether for I.D. or O.D. clamping, saw cuts or bar work, the pull-back effect of the mounted add-on clamping elements enables solid clamping with optimum characteristics, such as high rigidity, vibration reduction, and maximum metal removal rates.

Clamping in all variants - when turning and milling

To make the modular system usable for smaller quantities and material dimensions up to a diameter of 200 mm the jaw module was launched. Mandrels and clamping heads can also be used in the basic unit. So the modular system is the perfect 3 in 1 combination - I.D. clamping, O.D. clamping, and jaw clamping.

To be precise

Shaft machining? With the new member of the family, the face driver adaption, this is no longer a problem. You can machine a work piece over its entire length and in addition the re-clamping is not necessary anymore. This increases concentric precision and position all tolerances. The advantages are very clear, high accuracy due to machining in one clamping set-up and our Centrex interface ensures the perfect concentricity. The second practical clamping helper that Hainbuch has added to the product range is the Morse taper adaption [MK4]. Whether face driver, centre, a manually activated mandrel, or even a tool - with this adaption you use anything that you adapt into the Morse taper connection and thanks to the Centrex interface it has optimal concentricity qualities.
As you can see, in recent years the modular system has come a long way in its development and offers the user endless possibilities.

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