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ACS Introduces New Downdraught filter bench brochure

ACS Introduces New Downdraught filter bench brochure

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 14 May 2013

As a market leader in media filtration systems, Air Cleaning Systems (acs) has now launched its new downdraught filter bench brochure. The FB range enables end users to reduce energy consumption with an optional  compressed air control unit that automatically powers down the bench when the connected air tools are not in operation.

A flow sensor that is incorporated into the compressed air control unit senses when the compressed air is no longer in use and  activates an adjustable timer with the option of changing the time setting from one second through to 24 hours. If the bench is not used during this pre-set period, the bench automatically powers down to reduce power consumption even further.
This system ensures the tools cannot be used without first switching on the bench and includes three series 25 air line connections at the front of the bench and another at the rear.

The FB range of downdraught benches are a 'must have' accessory for any manufacturing environment that conducts applications such as sanding, fettling, de-burring and linishing or processes such as ingredient weighing or anything that may create airborne particulate. Complying with the HSG258 Health & Safety Legislation for controlling airborne contaminants in the workplace, the FB range incorporates a G4 pleated pre-filter for primary filtration, a HEPA filter to remove sub-micron particles, filter gauges with filter full indicators, a spring loaded filter clamping mechanism to simplify filter changing and clamping and also an IEC mains connector with two outputs.

Also fully compliant with legislation, the new FBC range of benches incorporate active carbon filter panels that are installed in a Vee configuration to control airborne particles and odours. Additionally, the FBC range uses Colorcell ®  technology providing a visual indication on the condition of the filter.
The FB and FBC range provides end users with the option to build their own bespoke  workstation environment. The Llantrisant based company is providing this by offering a host of optional extras that include rail uprights, tool hangers, overhead lighting and shelving, bin support units and also plain and perforated rubber matting.  By supplying end users with such tailored solutions, the customer can build an ergonomic, efficient and aesthetically pleasing work environment that will improve productivity rates for the customer whilst improving the comfort for the operator based at the work station.

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